How Does It Feel to Vote for the President of the United States?

I voted. Did you? 

Were there long lines? Did you have any problems with the other votes on the ballot? Are you satisfied with the choices we had, or would you like something (as in someone) better next time around?

Let’s share our voting experiences in the comments section. Maybe we can inspire some someone somewhere who is thinking about not voting to go cast that ballot.

Today we are electing the next President of the United States of America.

That’s a pretty big deal.

  • Jean

    I voted early a few days ago. There were no long lines and I was in and out within ten minutes. It was great! I voted pro-life, pro-religious liberty!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Good job!

  • neenergyobserver

    Routine, except for the importance, maybe. Only real question was whether our state legislators should have a raise, and stuff like that. (My answer no, that should work less and leave me alone more) :-)

  • neenergyobserver

    Routine, except for the importance, maybe. Only real question was whether our state legislators should have a raise, and stuff like that. (My answer no, they should work less and leave me alone more) :-)

  • Anna Dawson

    I know this isn’t exactly what you’re hoping for (as stated above) but it all makes me nauseous. There wasn’t a line or crowd or anything like that (I live in a small town, so although I’m sure 90% or more of my town votes today, that still doesn’t create much of a rush). My neighbors were the ones checking the poll books and explaining the gods-cursed ballot computer. It’s just that between the two major parties, my stomach sinks thinking of either man. I’m sure they’re nice, I’m sure their mothers love them, but it’s hard for me to get excited about picking one of two sides of a cow chip. I wrote in my choice, so that at least my conscience could be appeased, if not my stomach.

    I hope I’m just being a Debbie Downer and that I will be pleasantly surprised. On a side note, I think my autistic four-year-old had the most appropriate attitude toward the most likely outcomes: he hid inside my coat the whole time and didn’t even peek out to take his ‘I Voted!’ sticker, just held his hand out and stayed put behind me while the deed was done. Now I need to go hide in my Mother Mary’s coat until this is over!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’m in the same place, actually. Never felt quite this way before.
      ” It’s just that between the two major parties, my stomach sinks thinking of either man. “

      • Dave

        “I’m in the same place, actually. Never felt quite this way before.”

        Really? I felt pretty much the same way last time.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          It’s worse this time, at least for me.

  • Kathryn Ferrell

    Waited over an hour with a toddler and an infant in tow. Long, long line and overflowing parking lot. I feel relieved to cast my vote and be done with it. Now it is in the hands of the rest of the voters. Praying for a good outcome and leaders who will work toward good and thwart evil.

  • Dave

    I cast my vote for the candidate who is the only one that has a chance to defeat a blatantly pro-abortion incumbent, who has also been a disaster on foreign policy, budget, and religious freedom issues. Did I feel good about it? No, I did not, as there’s precious little reason to believe that the candidate I voted for will be signficantly better, but I did receive peace from the Holy Spirit about it.

    I, for one, will be greatly disappointed if there are not better candidates next time. The candidates we had this time were horrendous, and only an extremely horrendous candidate who desperately needs to NOT be rewarded with a second term was enough to get me to vote for the more run-of-the-mill horrendous candidate (that and the fact that I like his VP candidate).

    I hope all Christians will spend at least as much time praying for our nation tonight as they spend watching election returns. We have grave problems, regardless of who wins.

  • Holly

    Its 4:06PM Im going to vote soon. Im in the same boat as everyone else about either man running. Im just going to hope for the best and hope the best man is up to the present and future of this country. God Bless
    and write your Representatives. They need to know how you feel in an objective manner. If your angry and I dont blame you sit and cool off before you write them and write something good. They have to read it.
    Write your President to. Remember these people need to know and they do know whats going on especially when We The People inform them in a right manner. A necessary manner. God Bless and lets hope the best for our country. Its ours lets support it and do the best we can with what we have. Keep in mind folks the people who suffered in the past from disasters Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and now up the coast with Sandy and others from the past. We need to keep going and make the best decisions and be supportive wherever we are if we can.

  • vickie

    I stood about 1/2 hour, mid morning, to vote in very blue Maryland. It is a blessing for me that my vote will have little practical effect when all is said and done. The nicest sight was some one who gave up his place on line for an elderly gentleman and went to the back of the line.

  • Bill S

    I got in the booth and realized I had left my reading glasses in the car. I could just barely make out the names for president, senator and congressman. I couldn’t read the ballot questions but knew them by number and could make out the yes and no.

  • Indy

    Since I live overseas, I sent in my absentee ballot almost 12 weeks ago. So today feels a bit anti-climatic but its also only 8am in the morning here – awaiting the results here and waiting for the New 2013 Conspiracy Theories to develop in the next 12 hours.

  • Ted Seeber

    I don’t know. I’ve never voted for a winning candidate.

  • Sus

    Very short line but I live in the boonies so wasn’t expecting a long wait. The parking lot was crazy with everyone standing around talking. Despite not being thrilled with either candidate, I did feel patriotic.

    We came home and played a game to learn about the Electoral College and made maps to color as the results come in. We also read about Susan B. Anthony.

  • EMS

    I voted last week via the mail. And I voted for Joe Schriner as a write-in. Not that it makes a difference; Obama will take California. I’ve been voting since 1970 and I have never seen such disgust/dismay with the candidates of both parties. I think it’s time for a new party since both of the major parties have been taken over by special interests that don’t represent the majority of the population. I hate Obama’s catering to the pro-abort and gay marriage crowd, but I think I’m more afraid of Romney’s pro-millionaires/anti-tax-for-any-reason/make-money-even-if-you-screw-others crowd. God willing there will be a lot better choices from the parties in 2016 or a viable 3rd party choice (anyone else remember Ross Perot’s shot).

  • Peg

    We had cardboard cutouts and ballots where you draw a line but no lines to wait. On our ballot was mcasckill akin and a libertarian with a record. Fun choice eh? The rebel in me enjoyed the Karl Roves getting upset and trying to control our state. One could see how much the money repubs cared about prolife. Am not an Akin fan on many issues but he is sincerely prolife and his apology sincere. Mcaskills ads were far more outrageous than his comments. Let’s get the money out of politics so we can have more parties. Time for Sangria. Cheers