An iPad that won’t connect to wifi is just a pad.

My new iPad sucks. The legislator who sits across from me also has a new iPad. His sucks, too.


Because they will not connect to the House of Representatives' wifi.

My scratched and battered iPad Gen 1 connects to the House wifi like it was born to do it. (Which, I believe it was.) However the newer model appears to be pickier about who it associates with. It will connect to my home wifi without a quibble. But at work, my lovely aluminum piece of tech art is not an iPad, it's just a pad.

I have never pondered the uselessness of an iPad that won't go on the internet until recently. Before I got stuck with one, I never considered the possibility of an internetless iPad, not anymore than I spent time day-dreaming about the possibilities of tap-dancing ducks. It just didn't seem likely. Now that I have experienced it, I have to admit that I think a tap-dancing duck would be more useful than an internet free iPad.

I use these things to read bills, follow the agenda on the House floor, check my email and write short to longish memos and notes. My iPad is a life-saver at work. In fact, the reason I own an iPad is because they are so great for a legislator's job. I would rather have an iPad than a computer while on the House floor any day.

But, when it won't connect to the House wifi, all that usefulness goes bye-bye. An iPad without the internet is ok if you want to watch movies, listen to music and write things that you plan to print or email later. In other words, an iPad without the internet is great for ocean or continent-crossing flights. But while we're voting on bills in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, (which is why I own the thing) it's worthless.

I gather from reading about it on the internet, that Apple has been trying to fix this little problem for quite some time now. My advice to them is to crank up the effort. Without the internet, their shiny toy rapidly loses its sheen.

In the meantime, I'm going back to my elderly Gen 1 iPad. If they don't get this fixed soon, I'll see if I can find someone dumb enough to buy an iPad that won't go on the internet.

I miss you Steve Jobs.


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  • Sus

    How aggravating. I hope Apple figures out a fix quickly for you.

  • James

    Still more useful than a tap dancing duck, because you can still play angry birds at work.

    Perhaps the latest gen. iPad is meant to be 4G. You generally loose more than you gain with these upgrades, namely, convenience if you don’t pay for the top of the line model and all the additional service charges that go with it.

  • Deacon Matt

    If you have had your Pad less than 30 days you should be able to return it Rebecca. I assume you talked to Apple tech support already and they were stumped. I have an iPad 2 and have never had a problem except that I too quickly filled the 16 GB memory. I was thinking about going to a 2 with 32 or 64 or a mini but the problem you are facing might have some bearing. The mini is basically a 4 in a smaller box. If you don’t blog about it I’d still be interested in how you make out. Good luck!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      My husband gave it to me for Christmas, which means it’s over 30 days old. I think the problem is software, not hardware. Hopefully, Apple will get it fixed soon. The people at work who are having problems all either have the new iPad 4 like I do, or the iPad Mini.

      My Gen 1 has never given me a problems about anything, and I’ve used it a lot including carrying it all over the world with me. It has connected easily to wifi in airports and hotels in many places. The iPad 4 is a LOT faster. It’s also sleeker and easier to hold in one hand.

      I plan to start pestering Apple about this.

  • Imelda

    I find the iPad, and all tablets for that matter, as a glorified game console.

  • Bill Genereux

    I love my new iPad. It’s a mini. I’ve never had a problem connecting it to Wi-Fi in numerous locations. I hope you get your problem resolved quickly. Perhaps a update of the operating system will help your situation. But you are right, an iPad without the Internet IS just a pad. By the way, I’m writing this comment on my iPad Mini using Siri speech recognition software. It types much faster than I can type myself.