Four-Year-Old Girl and Her Family Ask Belgian King to Block Euthanasia of Children


Speaking of child abuse, legislators in Belgium are moving toward passage of a law that would allow doctors to euthanize children.

It all began in 2002 with a law that allowed doctors in Belgium to kill their patients who were (a) at least 18 years old, (b) of sound mind, and (c) gave their consent. Left out of this (of course) was just how questionable “consent” becomes when families and medical practitioners go at a sick person who is probably also isolated and totally dependent on them for their emotional and physical well being.

This “right” morphed a bit in 2013 when doctors began killing people who were not terminally ill, but merely facing a disability. Now, the idea of extending this “right to die” to children and people suffering from dementia is moving toward legality.

The family of four-year-old Jessica Saba has stepped into the debate to ask King Philippe to block euthanasia for children like her. I say “like her” because Jessica was born with a heart defect that required surgery to allow her to live.

You know what that kind of surgery is, don’t you? It’s expensive.

Whereas, killing the child would be oh, so much cheaper, not to mention alleviating the “suffering” of her parents and saving the baby herself from that painful wake-up from anesthesia which any surgery patent knows all too well.

When you look at it that way, it’s a blessing to kill little kids. Who could be so cruel as to deprive them of their “right” to die?

As for those difficult dementia patients, aren’t their “useful” lives over anyway? Think how much better it would be for families if they weren’t burdened with the trouble of taking care of Grandma. As for the expense, everyone knows that end of life care racks up the bucks.

I apologize for being so sarcastic. But I am at my wit’s end with people who try to justify legalized medical murder by flinging around ridiculous arguments about how killing people is a kindness to them and their “right.”

The killing of innocents is not a “human right” and it is not a kindness.

We are creating a society where we kill everyone who does not have the capacity to actively defend their life in a courtroom. If someone who can stand upright and vocalize sophisticated arguments does not speak up for them — and in certain cases such as the judicial murder of Terry Shiavo, even if they do — they can and will be killed by doctors obeying a court order. All that needs to happen is for someone else with what the court decides is “standing” to petition the court that they want their “loved one” dead.


I hope and pray that the lawmakers of Belgium get a grip and stop this legislation themselves. But if that does not happen, we can only hope that King Philippe will step in. I assume there will be an enormous political price to pay if he does.

That is an interesting remark, isn’t it? We have come to the place in our “civilized” Western world where the political danger lies in refusing to allow oneself to be made into the executioner of little children and helpless old people.

I do not ever take a destabilizing action in governance lightly, and I assume that is what this could be. My basic premise of governance is that a just and stable government is always the greater good. However, a government that kills its old people and little children is not just. There are times when the decision is so fraught that there truly is no other option but to take the possibly destabilizing path.

Every lawmaker from the king down who says yes to this will have done something that puts them beyond the pale of civilized behavior. Every person who lobbies for it, or votes for those who pass it, will have made themselves an accomplice to it.

If the king signs this, he will make of himself the executioner of little children and helpless old people. Could you sign it? Would you?

I hope the lawmakers say no. If they don’t, I hope the king says no.

Whatever the political consequences, they are nothing compared to the moral consequences of having said yes to this measure.

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  • oregon nurse

    Do they really not see this is Nazi Germany all over again? Do they not care because the government hasn’t targeted their particular weakness yet? I don’t understand why the European Union hasn’t tossed them out.

    • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

      Oregon Nurse, if the EU reflected the views of its citizens, this filth would never have been allowed. But like all international organizations, it has been colonized by the offscourings of the politicized academic world, people with no business of their own but eager to tell others how to run theirs.

      • SisterCynthia

        So, it’s like the UN, just localized to Europe?

        • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

          Pretty much, yes. (And bear in mind that I am a great supporter of the European enterprise, which I regard as necessary and useful; it is just that at some point we have got to deal with the parasites who are using it to push their own agenda.)

  • SisterCynthia

    Death came thru the Serpent’s “kind” information that disobedience to God would bring greatness, and it seems those who would dispense death continue to come cloaked in “kindness.” Unless it’s in their power to be outright brutal. Then the mask is tossed aside for the expedience of honesty.

  • FW Ken

    Proponents of euthanasia have always used pity to get their feet in the door. Sad stories, pathetic cases: how can we be so cruel as to deny relief to these suffering persons?

    The fact is that tragic situations have always existed, and their are ways to deal with them. Palliative care and hospice services were specialities of the British a generation ago. Today they have the Liverpool Pathway. It’s not hard to squirrel away pills if you are inclined to do so, and the “comfort pack” allows for a quiet sleep while your body shuts down, allowing for a peaceful passing that isn’t direct killing.

    But it’s necessary for these people to have affirmation, legalization. Polite people looked away from private tragedies at one time. Now we all have to give legal assent. Compounding the tragedy, it never ends with the sad stories and hard cases.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    There was once a king of the Belgians with a backbone. He died in a climbing accident in 1937.

  • Manny

    What a beautiful little girl. That clip was moving. As if euthansia and infanticide weren’t horrific in themselves. Now we are combining the two. How low will this culture sink? What the heck has happened to western civilization? This reminds me of a dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess, The Wanting Seed, that sort of predicts the world we have entered. It’s well worth reading: