Democrats to Dolan Redux: Well, All Right …

I have no way to know for sure. But I am guessing that the Democrats got smart this weekend and decided to put an end to the Dolan Prayer Fight in what was about the tenth round.

After being roasted and toasted for ignoring the Cardinal’s offer to pray at their convention, the Dems have announced that they are, indeed, going to allow equal-time praying when they gather to officially nominate President Obama as their 2012 candidate for President.

Smart move, btw. No point in handing the other guy a knife, especially when you know he knows so very well how to use it.

What this means is that we will have matching Dolans offering up equal time prayers at each of the party conventions.

The Dems are also planning to have “Nuns on a Bus” Sister Simone Campbell, the head of NETWORK, a sister’s political advocacy group, speak at their convention.

I predict that both parties will be unmoved by the praying and exhorting from these two Catholic leaders. I expect the Republicans to continue liquidating the American economy to hand the proceeds to multinational corporations and the Democrats to keep on with their never-met-an-abortion-we-don’t-like, same-sex-marriage war on the sanctity of human life and traditional values.

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