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Killing baby girls in the name of women’s rights is an obscenity.

Stop Sex Selected Abortion.

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China Provinces Force Christian Women to Have Late-Term Abortions | LifeNews.com

China Provinces Force Christian Women to Have Late-Term Abortions | LifeNews.com.

China’s policy of forced abortions has been an ongoing crime against humanity for decades.

It has continued while administrations from both political parties have sat in the White House, and majorities of both political parties have controlled Congress. Despite their pious campaign statements, neither party has done anything useful to address this problem.

Forced abortions have continued unabated while America has exported much of our industrial base to China, turning China into a massive economic power and destroying our own economy.

Forced abortion has contributed to the imbalance in China’s population, with young men outnumbering young women, since baby girls are more often murdered in this fashion than baby boys.

Now, it appears that China has added Christian persecution to its list of crimes by singling out Christian mothers for forced abortions.

Despite campaign rhetoric to the contrary, it is highly unlikely that our government will address this horror in a meaningful fashion, no matter who wins in November. Money and corporate interests have ruled our relations with China for decades and I would guess this is unlikely to change.

In the words of our fellow blogger at St Anne Center for Reproductive Health, St Gianna pray for us!