Gay Marriage, Euthanasia, Abortion, Marijuana: How Did They Vote?

Gay marriage

Did Maryland voters legalize gay marriage?  YES
Did Maine voters legalize gay marriage?  YES
Did Minnesota voters ban gay marriage?  NO
Did Washington state voters legalize gay marriage?  YES


Did Arkansas voters legalize medical marijuana? NO
Did Colorado voters legalize the sale and use of marijuana?  YES
Did Massachusetts voters legalize medical marijuana?  YES
Did Oregon voters legalize the sale of marijuana?  NO
Did Washington voters legalize the sale and growth of marijuana? YES


Did Massachusetts voters legalize euthanasia? NO

Human trafficking

Did California voters raise the punishment for human traffickers?  YES

Blaine Amendment

Did Florida voters allow state funds to go to religious organizations?  NO


Did Maryland voters approve expanded casino gambling?  YES
Did Oregon voters approve casino gambling?  NO
Did Rhode Island voters approve state-operated casino gambling?  YES

Death penalty

Did California voters do away with the death penalty?  NO


Did Florida voters stop the use of tax payer money for abortions?  NO
Did Montana voters require parental notification for a minor seeking an abortion?  YES