The Morning Buzz | Hawaii Elects First Buddhist to Senate, First Hindu to Congress

One demographic that often gets short shrift are Asian-Americans, but they were overwhelmingly on Obama’s side on Tuesday.

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The Morning Buzz | Are We Moving Towards Adding a 51st State?

On Tuesday, the U.S. inched closer toward adding a 51st state.

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Figuring Faith | How Values, Demographics, and the Economy Helped Shape the Election

The day after the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones examines the role that values, demographics, and the economy played in American voters’ decision to elect President Barack Obama to a second term in office.

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Our Corner | Religion and the 2012 Election on Fox5 News

Just before the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones joined Fox5 anchor Brian Bolter to discuss the role of religion in the 2012 election.

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The Morning Buzz | It’s Election Day!

Happy Election Day! What are you waiting for? Go vote! (And if you have kids, take them along.)

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Our Corner | The Election By the Numbers

Just before the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones was interviewed by Religion & Politics’ Tiffany Stanley, who asked several important questions about what Dr. Jones will be looking for in the post-election data.

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The Morning Buzz | Hispanic Americans Aren’t Donating to the Candidates

Hispanic Americans may be a pivotal voting bloc this election, but they’re donating very little to the candidates.

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The Morning Buzz | Are People Better Than Polls at Predicting Electoral Outcomes?

Can people predict elections, even when polls can’t?

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The Morning Buzz | Oklahomans Can Now Carry Guns in the Open

Today, anyone in Oklahoma who holds a license to carry a concealed firearm can carry a weapon out in the open, thanks to a new law that just went into effect.

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The Morning Buzz | Will Hurricane Sandy Push Climate Change into the Headlines?

The very expensive aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is leading some commentators to wonder whether this storm will change the way we talk about climate change, which has mostly been sidelined during the presidential campaign. Nearly 6-in-10 (58%) Americans… [Read more…]