Moving Beyond “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life”

As the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade approaches, is it time to move past the "pro-choice" and "pro-life" labels? … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Religious Pluralism on the Football Field

Chalk this one up as a victory for religious pluralism: last night, the flagship school from the most Protestant state played one of the country's preeminent Catholic universities for the BCS championship. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Has Gun Control Dropped Off the Media’s Radar?

As some predicted, media discussion about gun control took a sharp dip during the holidays, and has now petered out to a pre-Newtown level. A majority of Americans favor stricter gun control laws, but a policy change may require renewed attention from the media. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Almost 20 States Passed Abortion Restrictions in 2012

According to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute, abortion remained a controversial issue, with 43 new laws in 19 states restricting access to abortion services. A majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal, but their views about its morality are far more complex. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | Biggest Moves in Religion and Politics in 2012

As we look forward to the new year, there are many lessons to be gleaned from 2012's most important moments in religion and politics. At the CNN Belief Blog, PRRI CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones and Research Director Daniel Cox outline the ten biggest shifts in this crucial arena. … [Read more...]

The GOP’s Marriage Problem

In the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s loss to Barack Obama, analysts have noted that the Republican nominee lost in large measure due to changing American demographics—particularly the rise of the Latino vote, non-white Christians, and the religiously unaffiliated. But another demographic trend also threatens to hurt Republican chances in the future: the decline of marriage. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Are We Moving Towards Adding a 51st State?

On Tuesday, the U.S. inched closer toward adding a 51st state. … [Read more...]

Figuring Faith | How Values, Demographics, and the Economy Helped Shape the Election

The day after the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones examines the role that values, demographics, and the economy played in American voters' decision to elect President Barack Obama to a second term in office. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Are People Better Than Polls at Predicting Electoral Outcomes?

Can people predict elections, even when polls can't? … [Read more...]

Mourdock, God’s Will, and Rape: How Americans Really Think About God and Public Policy

In the wake of Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's controversial comments about rape and God's will, Dr. Robert P. Jones explores how religious Americans reconcile their theological convictions with public policy. … [Read more...]