The Morning Buzz | 10-Year Jail Sentence Reveals State-Federal Tension on Marijuana

A California marijuana dispensary owner received 10 years in prison from a federal court earlier this week, starkly illustrating the tension between state and federal authority on the drug's legal status. A slim majority (52%) of Americans oppose the legalization of marijuana. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Religious Pluralism on the Football Field

Chalk this one up as a victory for religious pluralism: last night, the flagship school from the most Protestant state played one of the country's preeminent Catholic universities for the BCS championship. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Record Number in Congress Have No Religious Affiliation

According to reports, 10 members of the 113th Congress either identify as religiously unaffiliated or do not specify a religious affiliation. This may not seem like a large number (and it's not, given the number of Americans who are unaffiliated), but it's surprising, considering that two-thirds of Americans say they'd be uncomfortable with an atheist president. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | Biggest Moves in Religion and Politics in 2012

As we look forward to the new year, there are many lessons to be gleaned from 2012's most important moments in religion and politics. At the CNN Belief Blog, PRRI CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones and Research Director Daniel Cox outline the ten biggest shifts in this crucial arena. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Was the “Mormon Moment” More of a Blip?

A new Pew survey reveals that despite Mitt Romney's lengthy run for office and his much-publicized Mormon faith, 82% of Americans say they learned little to nothing about Mormonism during the 2012 campaign. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Should Teachers Be Armed?

In response to the Sandy Hook shooting, teachers should be armed, says Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Roughly 1-in-10 Americans (but more than one-third of Tea Party members) say that allowing more private citizens to carry guns for protection is the most important thing that can be done to prevent mass shootings. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Could Dorothy Day Become a Catholic Saint?

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a Roman Catholic leader known for his conservative convictions, is championing Dorothy Day for sainthood. Day was a 20th-century social activist who founded the Catholic Worker movement and was known for her pacifism and work with the poor. Given that 6-in-10 Catholics agree that in its statements about public policy, the Catholic Church should focus more on social justice and the obligation to help the poor, rather than abortion and the right to life, Day's canonization … [Read more...]

Our Corner | The Election By the Numbers

Just before the 2012 election, Dr. Robert P. Jones was interviewed by Religion & Politics' Tiffany Stanley, who asked several important questions about what Dr. Jones will be looking for in the post-election data. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Hispanic Americans Aren’t Donating to the Candidates

Hispanic Americans may be a pivotal voting bloc this election, but they're donating very little to the candidates. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | State of Belief Radio

This weekend, Dr. Robert P. Jones appeared on State of Belief Radio to discuss the exciting findings from the 2012 American Values Survey. … [Read more...]