Morning Buzz | Not All Millennials are Social Media Mavens

In today’s buzz, evangelicals have a renaissance moment in NYC, plus federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples.

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Not All Millennials are Social Media Mavens

Have millennials really earned their title as masters of social media? According to PRRI’s millennial survey, it depends on which platform you’re talking about.

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Morning Buzz | Two Christian Colleges Extend Benefits to Employees’ Same-sex Spouses

In today’s buzz, an interactive map of segregation, plus the Confederate flag will be removed from S.C. statehouse grounds today.

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Millennials and Political “Slacktivism”

Members of the Millennial generation aren’t as politically engaged as many make them out to be, according to findings in PRRI’s millennial report. What’s more, when millennials do participate, they tend to take on activities that don’t take an exorbitant amount of effort—unless typing your name or clicking “like” counts as labor-intensive. Of the seven political activities provided in the survey, PRRI finds that millennials (age 18-35) are more likely […]

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Morning Buzz | The Catholic Church’s Decline in Ireland

In today’s buzz, why Facebook is Catholic and Twitter is Protestant, and why the saying “nice guys finish last” may actually be true.

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Morning Buzz | Sen. Rand Paul Sidesteps Abortion Question

In today’s buzz, how religion helped form the liberal tradition, and how more apps equal more distraction, even behind the wheel.

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Morning Buzz | Americans Who Don’t Favor Mocking Religion Still Support The Right To Do It

In today’s buzz, new poll reveals Americans value free speech over religious sensibilities, and bills are being filed to make Bible Mississippi’s state book.

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The Morning Buzz | Evangelical Leaders Support Immigration Reform

In today’s Morning Buzz, who’s getting un-friended on Facebook and why, erroneous conviction rates for death-sentenced defendants, White House combats sexual assault on college campuses, evangelical leaders go to DC to push for immigration reform, the … [Read more…]

Federal Government Recognizes Same-sex Marriages in Michigan

Today’s Buzz examines voting restrictions in swing states, federal recognition of same-sex marriages in Michigan, a new medical procedure that suspends patients between life and death, a $70,000 award to a teen whose school demanded access to her Faceb… [Read more…]