The Morning Buzz | New Study Shows Growing Wealth Gap Between Races

A new Urban Institute study shows that over the past five years, the wealth gap between white Americans and racial minorities has widened substantially. Black (78%) and Hispanic (78%) Americans are also more likely than white Americans (54%) to agree t… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | Is Atheism Only for the Upper Class?

Is atheism only for the upper class? Research Director Daniel Cox parses the demographic data among the religiously unaffiliated.

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The Morning Buzz | Economic Inequality and the New York City Subway

Income inequality in New York City, starkly illustrated through its subway map. Sixty percent of Americans agree that the government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

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The Morning Buzz | Teen Pregnancy Rates Fall in New York City

New data shows that teen pregnancy rates in New York City have plunged 27% over the past decade. Over this time, the city has worked to make it easier for teenagers to access condoms and other contraceptives. A slim majority of Americans favor allowing… [Read more…]

Graphic of the Week | The State of the Union: Divided

Less than a week before President Obama addresses Congress in his fourth State of the Union speech, our weekly graphic shows a divided nation on many of the issues that Obama is likely to address.

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The Morning Buzz | 3-in-10 Americans See God’s Hand in Sporting Outcomes

Don’t necessarily blame the refs when your team loses – a significant number of Americans report that God has a hand in determining winners and losers in sports games.

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The Morning Buzz | Most Jewish Americans Voted on Economic Justice, Not Israel

Most Jewish voters were drawn to the polls last November by economic justice concerns, rather than issues related to Israel, according to a new poll from Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring. In our Jewish Values Survey last spring, we found that only 4% of A… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | Does Being Religiously Unaffiliated Lead to Mental Health Issues?

Does being religiously unaffiliated lead to mental health issues? For more on the diversity of religiously unaffiliated people’s beliefs, see our recent survey.

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The Morning Buzz | Has Gun Control Dropped Off the Media’s Radar?

As some predicted, media discussion about gun control took a sharp dip during the holidays, and has now petered out to a pre-Newtown level. A majority of Americans favor stricter gun control laws, but a policy change may require renewed attention from … [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | Almost 20 States Passed Abortion Restrictions in 2012

According to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute, abortion remained a controversial issue, with 43 new laws in 19 states restricting access to abortion services. A majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal, but their views about its… [Read more…]