The Morning Buzz | Bipartisan Support for Immigration Reform May Be Tough to Achieve

There's been a lot of talk about immigration reform in the wake of the election, but bipartisan efforts actually find support? Six-in-ten Americans support the basic tenets of the DREAM Act. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Hawaii Elects First Buddhist to Senate, First Hindu to Congress

One demographic that often gets short shrift are Asian-Americans, but they were overwhelmingly on Obama's side on Tuesday. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Hispanic Americans Aren’t Donating to the Candidates

Hispanic Americans may be a pivotal voting bloc this election, but they're donating very little to the candidates. … [Read more...]

Maryland Voters to Decide on State DREAM Act

In the 2012 election, Maryland voters will have the opportunity to decide if they believe their state should have its own version of the DREAM Act. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | More Latinos Are Eligible to Vote Than Ever Before – But Will They?

According to a new analysis of Census data by the Pew Hispanic Center, more Latinos are eligible to vote than ever before. However, this demographic may not exercise its newfound political clout in this election cycle: Hispanic Americans are substantially less likely to say they will definitely vote in this November's election, compared to black or white Americans. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | What Winning the “Catholic Vote” Means Today

This weekend, Dr. Robert P. Jones appeared on NPR's "All Things Considered" to talk about the Catholic vote, a crucial demographic that is becoming increasingly difficult to pin down. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Who Was Our Most Religious President?

Was Jimmy Carter the most religious president ever? And, if elected, would Mitt Romney take that title away? … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | American-Made Movie Denouncing Islam Sparks Violence Abroad

Controversy exploded yesterday after an American-made, amateurish movie denouncing Islam inspired protesters to attack the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya, resulting in the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Young Adults Take Advantage of Obamacare

A new study shows that many young adults are taking advantage of Obamacare. Back in June, when it was still unclear how the Supreme Court would rule on the Affordable Care Act, less than one-quarter of Millennials (age 18-29) favored the Supreme Court overturning the health care reform law. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Democrats Stir Debate By Omitting “God” From the Party Platform

This year, the Democrats omitted the word "God" from their platform, leading to an inevitable comparison with the Republican platform, which mentioned "God" over 10 times. … [Read more...]