Morning Buzz | One in Ten Young Adults Calls Stewart, Colbert Most Trusted News Source

In today’s buzz, the NFL’s first female coach, plus the Boy Scouts of America lift its ban on gay scout leaders.

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Morning Buzz | Majorities of Each Political Party Support LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws

In today’s buzz, the world’s smallest Bible, plus the concentration of wealth and poverty in U.S. cities.

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Morning Buzz | Moral Acceptance of Polygamy Up Since 2001

In today’s buzz, mainline churches struggle to keep up with congregants on issue of same-sex marriage, and the growing acceptance of polygamy in the US.

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Morning Buzz | White Evangelical Protestants Have Outsized Influence in Early Primary States

In today’s buzz, Obama says faith groups are key in combatting poverty, and Pope Francis calls the weapons business an “industry of death.”

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Morning Buzz | Nearly Half of Americans See Recent Police Killings of Black Men as Part of Broader Pattern

In today’s buzz, mothers in VT, MN, and WI have better work-life balance, and we flashback to 1960, when the birth control pill was approved by the FDA.

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The Morning Buzz | Do Independent Candidates Have a Chance to Win in November?

In today’s Buzz, independent candidates run for state-level offices, many Americans still struggle to put food on the table, the Supreme Court gears up for another religious liberty case, the New York Times explores the race gap in America’s police dep… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | The Pope Just Says “No” to Recreational Drugs

Today’s Buzz covers Pope Francis’s denouncement of legalizing recreational drugs, how Americans spend their time, the most conservative and liberal cities in each state, Americans believe poverty is caused by circumstances beyond an individual’s contro… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | A Multi-generational Approach to Fighting Poverty

Today’s Buzz covers religious minorities reactions to the SCOTUS decision about prayer at public meetings, hispanics who left the Catholic Church, a multi-generational approach to fighting poverty, high school students’ low reading and math scores, an… [Read more…]

Morning Buzz | SCOTUS Begins Hearing Arguments in Hobby Lobby Case Today

Today’s Buzz looks at how men can get more dates, Connecticut’s success with enrolling residents in Obamacare, why Latino ACA enrollment numbers are so low, segregation of the poor in major U.S. cities, and the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Cour… [Read more…]

Morning Buzz | So long to the perfect bracket — and $1,000,000,000

Today’s Morning Buzz covers Michelle Obama’s ping-pong diplomacy in China, the myth of gay affluence, same-sex marriage in Michigan, uncovering sex abuse at Christian institutions, and NCAA upsets.

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