Morning Buzz | After Same-sex Marriage, Then What?

In today’s buzz, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev breaks his silence, plus American exceptionalism is alive and well.

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Listen to PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on “State of Belief”

PRRI CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones appears on State of Belief to discuss the newly released American Values Atlas (AVA) with host Rev. Welton Gaddy.

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Morning Buzz | NYT’s Frank Bruni Highlights New American Values Atlas Data

In today’s buzz, NYT’s columnist Frank Bruni, WP’s Monkey Cage, and PRRI CEO Robert Jones tap into data from the newly released Americans Values Atlas.

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In the Atlantic | What Americans Actually Think About Immigration

In his latest article in The Atlantic, Robert Jones uses data from the American Values Atlas (AVA) to show what Americans really think about immigration reform.

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Morning Buzz | Majorities of Americans Across the Political Spectrum Favor the Goals of Obama’s Executive Action

In today’s buzz, faith leaders enter conversation over drones, Pres. Obama omits Jews as ISIS targets in war proposal, and NBC reports on our our newest survey.

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The Morning Buzz | Jewish Groups File Briefs in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

The central organizations of every Jewish denomination except Orthodoxy (and one lone Orthodox rabbi) filed amicus briefs in favor of overturning the federal government’s ban on same-sex marriage. More than 8-in-10 (81%) American Jews favor allowing ga… [Read more…]

Our Corner | The Brody File: State of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

This week, Dr. Robert P. Jones appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “The Brody File” to provide an overview of where the American public stands on the issue of same-sex marriage. Dr. Jones pointed to the strong levels of support for same-sex marriage among Millennials and noted that Millennials’ opinions on same-sex marriage are in large part driven by their personal relationships with gay and lesbian people. This, he explained,… more [Read more…]