Morning Buzz | Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Same-sex Marriage Case

In today's buzz, religious Americans on legalizing gay marriage, PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones on self-segregation, and Tinder for Christians. … [Read more...]

In The Atlantic | Religious Americans Support Gay Marriage

PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones' latest article in The Atlantic shows that support for same-sex marriage among religious Americans has jumped nearly 20 percentage points in the last decade. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | White, Hispanic Catholics Disagree on Issue of Climate Change

In today's buzz, GOP presidential hopefuls woo evangelical Protestants in Iowa, and white Catholics', white mainline Protestants' support for same-sex marriage. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Hillary Clinton: Rethink Abortion’s “Deep-seated . . . Religious Beliefs”

In today's buzz, Jeb Bush's faith-based prisons, Catholics on same-sex marriage, and Americans' views on domestic violence and professional sports. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | 28 Wall Street Firms Support Legalizing Same-sex Marriage

In today's buzz, gay marriage opponents strategize next steps, and we flashback to 2000, when legislation was signed legalizing same-sex civil unions in VT. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Buddhist, Jews Show Most Support for Same-sex Marriage

In today's buzz, Hillary Clinton's focus on paid leave, and the pope plans to make a pit stop to Cuba on his way to the U.S. this fall. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | New Report: Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation

In today's buzz, the divide between principles, practice in support for environmental protection, plus a majority says Boston bomber should face death penalty. … [Read more...]

Attitudes on Same-sex Marriage by Religious Affiliation and Denominational Family

Ahead of arguments for the SCOTUS same-sex marriage case taking place next week, PRRI takes a look at support for same-sex marriage by religious affilliation. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Conservative Catholics Angry over Pope’s “Green Agenda”

In today's buzz, how presidential campaigns became two-year marathons, Pope Francis' "revolutionary" stance on LGBT issues, and a map of gay marriage legality. … [Read more...]

Map: Legal Status of and Support for Same-sex Marriage in Each State

Data from PRRI's American Values Atlas shows how support for same-sex marriage looks different depending on the legal status of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. … [Read more...]