Joining the Party: On Abortion and Same-sex Marriage, Hispanic American Partisans Are as Polarized as the Public

How socially conservative are Hispanic Americans, how persuadable are Hispanic Americans on social issues, and how important are these issues to Hispanic American voters? … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | How Many Americans Believe Abortion Should Always Be Illegal?

GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin threw the political world into a tizzy on Sunday morning, when he declared that women could not get pregnant from "legitimate rape," and that abortion should therefore be illegal in all circumstances. … [Read more...]

Figuring Faith | Ryan’s Budget Approach Challenges Bishops, At Odds With Catholics

In this week's "Figuring Faith," Dr. Robert P. Jones shows that Paul Ryan's economic philosophy contrasts sharply with that of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, as well as American Catholics overall. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | New Publication from PRRI Affiliated Scholar Melissa Deckman

PRRI Affiliated Scholar Melissa Deckman has a chapter in a new edited volume on the Tea Party. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Gunman Opens Fire on Security Guard at Family Research Council

A gunman opened fire on a security guard at the headquarters of the conservative Family Research Council's main office in Washington, DC, only to be subdued by the injured security guard. … [Read more...]

As Catholics Go, So Goes the Nation?

What should we expect from Catholics between now and Election day? … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Atheist Group Derides Religious Faith of Both Obama and Romney

A group of atheists decided to transcend party lines by launching dual billboard campaigns, deriding the religious faith of both Romney and Obama. … [Read more...]

Our Corner | Interfaith Voices

On this week's "Interfaith Voices," Dr. Robert P. Jones joined host Maureen Fiedler and fellow guest Kim Lawton, the managing editor of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, to discuss the faith factor in the 2012 election. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | For the First Time, There’s No Protestant on the Republican Ticket

For the first time, there is no Protestant on the Republican ticket. … [Read more...]

The Morning Buzz | Rob Portman’s Not As Boring as You Think

It turns out that Rob Portman, who you may know as one of the "boring white guys" on Romney's shortlist for VP, owns a haunted hotel. … [Read more...]