Morning Buzz | Religious Change in 2016 Swing States

In today’s buzz, in the US, Catholics more supportive of gay rights than country overall, and new program changes all “millennials” mentions to “snake people.”

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Religious Change in America’s Swing States

Using the American Values Atlas, we explore nine of the country’s key battleground states—particularly, how each state’s religious make-up is changing.

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Morning Buzz | Jeb Bush Chats Up Virginia Evangelicals

In today’s buzz, Pope Francis wants to pardon women for having abortions, and the Huffington Post on what the future of religion looks like.

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Morning Buzz | White House To Reduce Methane Emissions By 2025

In today’s buzz, the Koch brothers set out to reform the criminal justice system and the first Muslim is tapped to serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

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The Morning Buzz | Harvard University Cancels Satanic Mass

Today’s Buzz covers a halted execution in Texas, Brookings identifies opportunity bottlenecks when it comes to earning potential, Harvard cancels Satanic Mass, a video illustrating the collapse of Antarctica ice sheets, several local governments refuse… [Read more…]

Gay marriage in Dixieland? PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Unpacks the Possibility in The Atlantic

This morning, The Atlantic featured a piece by PRRI’s CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones, The South’s Stunning Embrace of Gay Marriage. Amid “the remarkable bevy of judicial decisions overturning bans on same-sex marriage in southern states such as Virginia, Kent… [Read more…]