On Prayer: An Online Shrine to the Victims of Racism

Memorial Candle. Cat Bishop, 2015.

I’m writing these words less than a week after yet another unarmed black man, 50 year old Walter Scott, was killed by a white police officer. The bottom line for me is just this basic: I have friends who are suffering. And I can’t help. I have nothing to offer; there is nothing I can do. Except: I can pray. [Read more...]

Peace and the Language of the Unheard


Peace is effortful. Peace will involve struggle. And though I would never agree that violence is necessary to reach it, I would very much agree that no justice means no peace. [Read more...]

What Do You Mean, “God,” Cat?

Sunlit Tree

As a Pagan, I learned to listen to the spirit within the parts, and of relationships among them. As a Quaker, I learned to listen to the Spirit within the whole. [Read more...]

My Polytheistic, Mystic, Monist Heart

cilantro flowers

Setting aside thoughts on how lots of people seem to substitute a blind adherence to a creed, and wave allegiance to it like a flag of loyalty, I think there are real differences in how humans are drawn to religious experience or not–and, among those who are drawn to the spiritual encounter, how we perceive it. With the exception of those who would turn Mystery into an excuse for a tribal loyalty test, I don’t think these differences are moral in nature. It seems as though they simply are. [Read more...]

A Pagan Isaiah

homeless woman

I want a Pagan Isaiah. I want us to know, to be absolutely and utterly convicted of the thought, that our gods hate our indifference to the poor. That turning away refugees from violence is odious; that refusing the feed the hungry is selfish and ugly; that justifying it in the name of a spiritual libertarianism masking itself as religion is unacceptable.

I want us to bring it into being together, my friends, and I want us to do it now. [Read more...]

A Perfect Day


Every year, I get to ask myself, what is the right way to live? In particular, what is the right way to live a spiritually-centered life? What would my spiritual life be like on a perfect day? I am running an experiment in perfection, and yesterday, I had a perfect day. [Read more...]