Really Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Winter is for cinnamon rolls, I'm just sure of it.Cinnamon rolls are one of those foods that have been so re-created by the food industry so as to bear but a shadowy resemblance to the real thing. These rolls are treats, to be sure, but they are real food. I love them muchly. I think I shall be making them today.And here is how you can make some, too:Dissolve a heaping tablespoon of dry yeast in ¼ cup of warm (not hot) water. Set aside.Melt 1 stick (1/2 cup) of butter, and stir … [Read more...]

you NEED to make these cookies!

This is what my mom and I will be baking this weekend, as the week ahead holds the traditional cookie-exchange parties and other standard church-lady get-togethers. It is a seriously yummy cookie--almost chewy-brownie-like, yet still a cookie--perfect with a glass of milk.It's kind of like:+ (PLUS) +YUM.I brought some to the library (to thank them for their unending patience with my unending interlibrary loan piles) and to A.'s violin teacher (also a fount of unending patience.) Plus, … [Read more...]

In Which I’m a “Good Girl”

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook has a classic recipe for French pots de crème [say "po de khrehm"] --a delicious, airy, not-too-sweet chocolate mousse. I made it for Mr. and Mrs. S a few weeks ago and again on Saturday as the finish to a meal of green beans and pasta with meat sauce.Actually, despite what Fannie says, I think these are not true pots de crème--according to the Wikipedia article, pots de crème are baked in a water bath, like a custard. These are, I think, mousse au chocolat. Oh, we … [Read more...]

And Now For Something Sweet (with a Recipe)

I do believe yesterday's post ruffled a few feathers out there.It's true that my primary allegiance isn't to the Republican party, or the Democratic party, or even to these United States of America. When it comes down to it, my primary identity isn't "American," even though that's what my passport says.My primary identity is "Christian." As a Christian--a follower of Christ--my sense of justice for "the least of these" is offended by such things as giving advertisers unfettered access to … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chiffon Pie in a Coconut-Chocolate Shell (Gluten Free!)

So I know I said yesterday that I would try and post a recipe for pain au chocolat today. And, dear readers, I tried. But I simply could not make time in my day to make a batch of pain au chocolat and take pictures of the process so that it would be clear.If you are dying to make your very own pain au chocolat, this recipe looks to be a very good one, but to be clear, it is quite different from mine. Mine is a very simple puff paste (from the 11th ed. of Fannie Farmer) cut into about a 4" by … [Read more...]