America’s Newest Diet Guru?

...or America's latest "health" sanctioned eating disorder in the guise of a fad diet?Some weeks ago, my friend Ellen sent me a link to this story in More magazine, which bills itself as a publication "for women of style and substance." Ellen and I were both shocked and distressed by the "substance" of this one:The article sings the praises of Lyn-Genet Recitas, the owner of Neighborhood Holistic in New York City. Lyn-Genet is "certified" in Chinese food theory and holistic nutrition. … [Read more...]

Comfort the Afflicted

So my friend Mr. S--who is in his nineties--is in a great deal of pain. He has been in pain for most of his life, in fact, because he fought in the Pacific during WW2 and received a wound that has remained open, painful, and constantly infected ever since. But now he's got some kind of affliction (cancer, maybe?) on his face and he is almost completely blind. When I saw him on Saturday night, he was in so much pain that he would pause, close his eyes, and be silent for a moment before continuing … [Read more...]

a “proof” of true Christian faith.

Early Christian writers claimed that sharing life, including meals, with persons of different backgrounds was a “proof” of true Christian faith. They were convinced that practicing the broadly--even radically--open hospitality that Jesus taught meant that they would welcome Christ himself as their guest—as, of course, Christ himself teaches in Matthew 25—and that their actions would “portray a clear message—that of equality, transformed relations, and a common life.”Yet, the Christian habit o … [Read more...]

Gifts of Grace in Bread, Wine, and Words

We're back!It was a wonderful trip, 9 days of visiting friends and family, most of whom we haven't seen for a long time, because although my husband and I both went to college in the Northeast, we are back in this general area after 4 years in Europe, 2 in California, and nearly 2 in Chicago.A few weeks ago I had a post on the Christianity Today women's blog on why it's good to have people over to your house for dinner, even if it can feel vulnerable and awkward. I didn't say … [Read more...]

Two Kinds of Potato Pancake

{These recipes originally appeared as a part of a list of 10 favorite colder-weather recipes in the 'Ten Things' issue of Catapult Magazine. Since I'm still away--and since it's getting colder here in the Northeast!--I thought I'd re-post these two recipes for two very different sorts of potato pancakes. Yum!}Sweet Potato (& Corn) FrittersThis is one of my family’s new favorites, a new twist on our old favorite, potato pancakes (see below). Well, okay, my five year old isn’t crazy abo … [Read more...]

Speaking Out, Part Three

{I'm away this week. In addition to the delights of being with family & friends, I had the opportunity to speak to a MOPS group in New Jersey. I'm going to share some of the talk with you here. If I get my tech stuff together, I might even go all fancy and post it as a podcast so you can hear my squeaky little voice. Here's the final part of three parts.}I'm really certain that eating together--as families, as friends, as women--and enjoying food--is powerful, powerful stuff.It can … [Read more...]

Eating Well as a College Student (for example)

A reader named Chelsea wrote:"I would love to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to eat healthier but I don't know where to start. I feel I eat semi-healthy but now that I moved out and live on my own, I tend to gravitate towards the ultra-high processed foods. I convince myself it's easier and portable to take to my night classes. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions for living healthy on a college budget, living in a small apartment."Great question, Chelsea!Mark … [Read more...]

A Good and Perfect Gift

My fellow Her.meneutics blogger Amy Julia Becker has a new book, A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny. It's a beautiful book, a powerful and important book, a book to read, ponder, and discuss. At birth, Amy Julia's daughter, Penny, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. The hopes and plans she and her husband, Peter, had for the baby suddenly changed, and Amy Julia found herself wrestling with big questions--why was Penny born with an extra 21st chromosome? Was … [Read more...]

God’s Love Made Delectable

For Norman Wirzba--whose previous books include The Paradise of God: Renewing Religion in an Ecological Age and Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight as well as a collection of Wendell Berry's agricultural essays--food is "God's love made delectable." He says:"Every time we eat we are making a choice that is personal, but it is also social, ecological, agricultural and spiritual."Choosing food that has been raised in ways that honor the animals, people, and land … [Read more...]

Sunday Recipe (On Monday): Eggplant Dip

This week's recipe is super-simple and totally delicious. I made fresh pita to go with it, but it would also be great with purchased pita, naan bread, or even bagel chips.Preheat oven to 450F.{you don't need to cut everything neatly, since it's going to be almost-puree anyway. if you're using Japanese eggplants, like I did, just leave the skin on--it's quite tender.}Toss all of the following together in a large roasting pan:1 large eggplant, peeled and diced2 red bell … [Read more...]