Is Hating My Body a Sin?

I love seeing the search terms that bring people to Eat With Joy. Some of them are strange, some are creepy, some are funny, some are sad. Sometimes, the search terms inspire posts, like this one, which landed someone here last week:"Is Hating My Body a Sin?"And so I'd like to attempt to answer that question.To begin, we might ask "What's sin?" I'm aware that there are about a thousand disputed ways to answer that question--and so no one 'perfect' way--but I like this one:Sin is … [Read more...]

Discovering Hugo (and you.)

Usually I really don't care what movies are nominated for/win Oscars unless its so that I can scoff that the Academy is full of nonsense and that their choices just stink.At the same time, though, a nomination usually means that the film will be seen by more people. And I certainly hope that will be the case for Hugo.I was first introduced to the story by my son, who loves Brian Selznick's The Invention of Hugo Cabret--a unique novel "in words and pictures," upon which the film is based. … [Read more...]

Five Food Films Worth Your Time

5. Supersize MeSure, it's a little gimmicky, but Morgan Spurlock's 2004 film--documenting his 30 days of eating McDonald's food exclusively--highlighted some of the most serious problems of our fast-food culture and it did so in an entertaining, visceral way. His point--which I think he made well--was that McDonald's (and other fast food companies)--are open to many of the same liabilities as the tobacco industry. Just six weeks after the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, … [Read more...]

100 Posts!

Yesterday's post on Plumpy'nut marked 100 posts here on Eat With Joy. I thought of doing some version of the '100 things about whatever' meme, but I think I'm too lazy and/or busy for that.Besides, I thought it might be more fun to highlight the top 10 posts from Eat With Joy's brief Internet life. And so without further ado...(Click on each title to read the full post; italicized text represents excerpts)#10 Film Review: "The Help" and the Supper of the Lamb"Living the gospel … [Read more...]

Film Review: “Contagion” and a Safe Food Supply

The other night we went to see Contagion. Despite the strong potential for corniness suggested in this promo poster and tagline ("the world goes viral"? seriously?), it was some good entertaining fun, although I will say that if you're inclined to paranoia and/or hypochondria you'll probably want to run home and take a shower, and you may find yourself resenting anyone who dares to sneeze or cough in the theater. (I made a totally fake cough sound as we were walking out, and totally scared the … [Read more...]

Sunday Recipe: Ratatouille, Like the Movie

Chef Thomas Keller created this special version of ratatouille when he consulted with Pixar studios on the film Ratatouille. I shamelessly capitalized on the appeal of the rat-chef, Remy, to get my 5 year old to eat lots of vegetables by cooking ratatouille in a much-simplified version of Keller’s recipe so that it would look like the dish in the film.(Just so we're clear, I’m not recommending the film for young viewers. My young boy knew about Remy from a library book he found that was a mov … [Read more...]

Film Review: “The Help” and The Supper of the Lamb

Last summer, I listened to the brilliant audiobook edition of The Help, and loved it so much that when I got to the end, I started again at the beginning.So when I heard that a film version was in the works, I was terrified that it would be a disappointing botch-job of a book that moved me alternately to laughter and tears; stills and previews from the film made me fear that Hollywood would make the white woman (Skeeter, played by Emma Stone, no relation to me) the heroine in a story that, in … [Read more...]