‘Pregorexia’ and Postpartum Priorities

What does it say about a culture if when a baby's born, the mom's tummy size gets as much attention as the baby?The British magazine OK! came under fire earlier this summer for running a feature story on Kate Middleton's "post-baby weight loss regime." Even as moms around the world tweeted and blogged their appreciation of Kate's post-baby appearance, in which she seemed not to make any attempt to disguise her postpartum tummy, OK! magazine, like any good tabloid, tried to appeal to readers' … [Read more...]

The Food Companies Own You

Did you hear a bit of buzz about potatoes being banned from school lunches and tomato paste on pizza counting as a vegetable?That was part of Congress' push-back against new regulations proposed by the Department of Agriculture, which administers the National School Lunch Program.Instead, Congress wrote a spending bill that has done the following:~refuses to allow the USDA guidelines to limit starchy vegetables--including corn, potatoes, and peas--to two servings per week. (The goal … [Read more...]

100 Posts!

Yesterday's post on Plumpy'nut marked 100 posts here on Eat With Joy. I thought of doing some version of the '100 things about whatever' meme, but I think I'm too lazy and/or busy for that.Besides, I thought it might be more fun to highlight the top 10 posts from Eat With Joy's brief Internet life. And so without further ado...(Click on each title to read the full post; italicized text represents excerpts)#10 Film Review: "The Help" and the Supper of the Lamb"Living the gospel … [Read more...]

Sunday Recipe: Ratatouille, Like the Movie

Chef Thomas Keller created this special version of ratatouille when he consulted with Pixar studios on the film Ratatouille. I shamelessly capitalized on the appeal of the rat-chef, Remy, to get my 5 year old to eat lots of vegetables by cooking ratatouille in a much-simplified version of Keller’s recipe so that it would look like the dish in the film.(Just so we're clear, I’m not recommending the film for young viewers. My young boy knew about Remy from a library book he found that was a mov … [Read more...]

Why You Can Eat Anything You Want

(as long as you make it yourself.)Last week, Michael Pollan tweeted a paper on nutrition by Carlos Monteiro entitled "There is No Such Thing as a Healthy Ultra-Processed Product." Food companies, the paper argues, promote their products as 'healthy' based on either of two things:1. The absence of perceived "bad" ingredients (0g trans fats! NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!)2. Reduced levels of (X "bad" component: fat, salt, sugar) as compared to comparable productsand3. The … [Read more...]

Before You Talk to God, Make Sure You Brush Your Teeth

Recently I read back through just a bit of Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund--because I vaguely remember that there was something in there that had once had a grip on my mind--and I only had to suffer through 43 pages until I found it:"..my advice to all is: when you first become conscious in the morning, get decent. I know some people say [pray] first, but don't you sort of feel sorry for God when daily he has to face all those millions of hair curlers and old robes? What … [Read more...]

White Collar’s Woman Problem

[Or, Tiffani Thiessen is not fat.]{Today I'm delighted to welcome my co-blogger from the CT women's blog, Gina Dalfonzo, with a guest post that grew out of a Facebook discussion we had on actresses and weight. Thanks so much for joining me at Eat With Joy, Gina!}The last thing I want to do is bash any actress because of her weight. There’s more than enough of that going on already, and even the super-skinny ones get more than their share of it. All I want to do is reflect a little on a d … [Read more...]