spare me words like “homegoing,” “graduation,” or “life celebration”

If you have been reading Eat With Joy for a while you'll know of my fondness for two very old friends of mine, whom I've referred to here as Mr. and Mrs. S.That's them on their wedding day in 1949--after Edie (Mrs. S.) had served as an Army nurse on a psychiatric unit and after Jack (Mr. S.) had spent nearly four years in military hospitals following a serious injury sustained to his leg on Iwo Jima.{They were married in the Episcopal church, a three minute walk from my home, and I was … [Read more...]

Let Him Eat Steak

or, palliative feeding. Wherein I argue with a 91 year old.So, I'm still bringing those Saturday night dinners to Mr. and Mrs. S. And this Saturday night, we had a little argument, Mr. S. and me.I told him I'm going to bring a steak every Saturday night.He said I didn't need to do that.I said,I know that, and what kind of steak sauce do you like?He said,A1. I said,Okay, I'm bringing A1 next week.He said,No, it will make a mess.I said,I'm just … [Read more...]

In Which I’m a “Good Girl”

The Fannie Farmer Cookbook has a classic recipe for French pots de crème [say "po de khrehm"] --a delicious, airy, not-too-sweet chocolate mousse. I made it for Mr. and Mrs. S a few weeks ago and again on Saturday as the finish to a meal of green beans and pasta with meat sauce.Actually, despite what Fannie says, I think these are not true pots de crème--according to the Wikipedia article, pots de crème are baked in a water bath, like a custard. These are, I think, mousse au chocolat. Oh, we … [Read more...]

Comfort the Afflicted

So my friend Mr. S--who is in his nineties--is in a great deal of pain. He has been in pain for most of his life, in fact, because he fought in the Pacific during WW2 and received a wound that has remained open, painful, and constantly infected ever since. But now he's got some kind of affliction (cancer, maybe?) on his face and he is almost completely blind. When I saw him on Saturday night, he was in so much pain that he would pause, close his eyes, and be silent for a moment before continuing … [Read more...]

Grace and a Steak Dinner

Mr. S's favorite food has always been steak. He's a meat-and-potatoes kind of man. As in, pizza is, for him, "ethnic" food. His roots go down deep in New England-style cooking, and the rich influence of US immigration on American cuisine has done little to alter his palate.He's always been a great eater, Mr. S. And Mrs. S was, in her day, a great cook. After their retirement, they ate in restaurants a lot, because Mr. S wanted to give her a break from the endless multiple-course cooking that … [Read more...]

Boston Brown Bread, Baked Beans, and Apple Pie

"...times have changed. But some things haven’t. We still need food. Food’s still a gift. We still need each other. And it’s still those things–not money, not the economy, not our ambitions–that bring us joy."It's Tuesday, which means we're spending it with Fannie Farmer!This week, my journey into the Fannie Farmer cookbook took place {mostly} on Saturday, when I decided to try and replicate Mr. S's mother's traditional Saturday night dinner: Boston Brown Bread (baked in an old can) and B … [Read more...]

Tuesdays with Fannie

It's with great excitement that I announce my plan to turn back the pages of time and embrace with boldness all things buttered, creamed, and, by our 21st century standards, totally old-fashioned and unhealthy.I'm going to spend each Tuesday with Fannie Farmer.This may mean homemade doughnuts for breakfast.This may mean finding out, once and for all, what on earth creamed chipped beef on toast is.This may mean creating, with my own hands, the dish I fear most of all: … [Read more...]