Yes, Oreos are as Addictive as–or more addictive than–drugs. That’s not news.

But didn't we know that already?The quintessential fast-food trio of "burger, fries and Coke" perfectly illustrates the food industry's ability to capitalize on our most instinctual taste preferences. Unlike, say, a pot of vegetable stew or a bowl of apple slices, the fast-food trio contains all three potent tastes--salt, sugar and fat in combination--endlessly engineered, tested and retested for "hyperpalatability," making them addictive as well as irresistible.Fast-food chicken … [Read more...]

Weekend Eating Reading

...the weekly weekend post!Weekend Eating Reading briefly discusses at least one good book that's somehow related to 'joyful eating,' and is, throughout the weekend, updated with links to notable or newsworthy articles on topics relevant to readers of this blog.This week's books:The End of Overeating, by David A. Kessler, MDThe British have a term for it--"more-ish." It means a food that you WANT TO EAT MORE OF. Or, maybe more precisely, a food that makes YOU want to eat more … [Read more...]