A Birth Plan Does Not a Mom-zilla Make

Rounding out this week's theme of Empowered Birth Awareness, I'd like to invite you to look at my most recent Christianity Today blog post.In part, it is a response to several blog posts by the bloggers collectively known as Femina, who happen to be the wife, daughters, and daughter-in-law of the controversial Moscow, ID pastor Douglas Wilson, who criticized women who used birth as an occasion to become "self-absorbed fusser[s]"--The Femina bloggers are not the first to claim that women … [Read more...]

Where’s the Controversy in Saving Lives?

I have to admire Melinda Gates' chutzpah. In her recent TED talk and on her blog, Impatient Optimist, she insists that "contraception is not controversial"--when, in the last year, it has been explosively controversial, with many Christians (not just Catholic Christians) seeing the "contraceptive mandate" as a real threat to religious freedom. Yesterday, the law took effect, meaning that most employers must now provide free birth control coverage in their health insurance policies. Whether it … [Read more...]

“when women die in childbirth it is a violation of their rights.”

I've been inspired in the last week by reading about the women who are petitioning Uganda’s highest court to declare that “when women die in childbirth it is a violation of their rights.”So far, their bids in the lower courts have been unsuccessful, but they’re pressing on.$60 million. That’s what it would take to hire enough medical workers to meet Uganda’s needs--specifically, to staff village health clinics that lack people and supplies to the degree that an estimated 16 pregnant women … [Read more...]