Why is it so hard to say things? Thoughts on Newspeak, AIDSpeak, and ObesitySpeak

I am not shy about using the saltshaker, and neither I nor anyone else in my family has any sort of problem with blood pressure. That’s because we mostly don’t eat things that come out of packages or from fast-food places (where someone else takes them out of packages) and the salt that is a problem in the North American diet doesn’t come from the saltshaker but from the extreme levels of sodium in packaged foods.But you will never hear Michelle Obama say that.There was a similar unutt … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama’s Cookbook

So here's Michelle Obama on the cover of her cookbook, forthcoming in April:And here are the ingredients for a Michelle Obama recipe:Michelle Obama's "No Cream" Creamed Spinach2 pounds baby spinach, washed and cleaned2 tablespoons olive oil4 shallots, minced2 garlic cloves, mincedSalt and freshly ground pepperHere's a picture of Martha Washington from the National Portrait Gallery:And here are the ingredients for a Martha Washington recipe:Martha Washington's … [Read more...]

Why ‘Childhood Obesity’ Isn’t the Real Problem

Are you ready? I'm going to get critical of Republicans.And Democrats.Because while everyone loves a partisan controversy, on this issue, folks on both sides of the aisle are cowed before food industry drones who have shareholder interests--not public interest--in mind.Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign (which, if anecdotal evidence is telling, is doing more to provoke anxiety in healthy-weight kids than to help kids who are actually at risk for diet-related disease) wrings … [Read more...]