Jesus in the Nursing Home

It's been hard for me to get back into the rhythm of the Saturday-night nursing home dinners. I love Mrs. S. {who was always the heartier eater since I began the palliative feeding project} but I hate how Mr. S. isn't ever there any more when I go to the nursing home. That's what it feels like: he isn't ever there any more.Yes, that's very stupid, because Mrs. S. is still very much there, and she still appreciates a good meal and a good cup of coffee, not to mention a little company. I've … [Read more...]

spare me words like “homegoing,” “graduation,” or “life celebration”

If you have been reading Eat With Joy for a while you'll know of my fondness for two very old friends of mine, whom I've referred to here as Mr. and Mrs. S.That's them on their wedding day in 1949--after Edie (Mrs. S.) had served as an Army nurse on a psychiatric unit and after Jack (Mr. S.) had spent nearly four years in military hospitals following a serious injury sustained to his leg on Iwo Jima.{They were married in the Episcopal church, a three minute walk from my home, and I was … [Read more...]

Let Him Eat Steak

or, palliative feeding. Wherein I argue with a 91 year old.So, I'm still bringing those Saturday night dinners to Mr. and Mrs. S. And this Saturday night, we had a little argument, Mr. S. and me.I told him I'm going to bring a steak every Saturday night.He said I didn't need to do that.I said,I know that, and what kind of steak sauce do you like?He said,A1. I said,Okay, I'm bringing A1 next week.He said,No, it will make a mess.I said,I'm just … [Read more...]