Pew and You – What to do about Religion?

The Sermon on the MountCarl Bloch, 1890

Editor’s Note: Here’s a thoughtful look at the two latest Pew studies about the future of  religion. =========================== By Catherine Dunphy What a challenge! I’ve been reading over recent PEW Research Center’s publications – The Future of World Religions, April 2, 2015, and America’s Changing Religious Landscape, May 12, 2015 with the goal of forming [Read More...]

What to do? Believing Child with Ex-Christian Mom and Siblings

Editor’s Note: The Atheist Ex-Pastor is B-a-a-a-c-k! Where has he been? Writing and promoting his new book, Life Beyond Belief: A Preachers Deconversion. He’s now “out” as Bob Ripley, long-time pastor of a large mainline church in Canada. He’ll tell us about his après book experience in a future post. Right now, he’s responding to [Read More...]

The Importance of Being Honest

Editor’s Note: Our Atheist ex-pastor reflects on his first two days after publicly revealing himself as an atheist. Bottom Line: Not so bad. Actually good in many ways. Certainly very interesting. =============================== By Bob Ripley I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam. Popeye the sailor man Speak what you think today [Read More...]

Newly Revealed Atheist Ex-Pastor Comforts Vacillating Non-Believer

ripley2 photo

Editor’s Note: “Dave,” our atheist ex-pastor has come out publicly as a non-believer in a newspaper column he’s been writing for 25 years for IFP (special to QMI Agency) in Ontario, Canada. He is really Bob Ripley, former pastor of Metropolitan United Church in London, Ontario. As he told us in his original Rational Doubt [Read More...]

How Can Seminary-Educated Pastors Preach the Bible?

Editor’s Note: Our Atheist ex-pastor answers a question posed by one of our frequent commenters, Maine Skeptic, about the supposed divine origins of the Bible.  ========================= Dear Dave: I’ve been listening and reading works by Bart Ehrman, who is often criticized by professors and authors at Dallas Theological Seminary. While they paint Ehrman as attacking [Read More...]

The Problem of Evil

Editor’s Note: Dave, The Atheist Ex-Pastor addresses the age-old problem of evil in the world                                            ===================== As a pastor, whenever I was asked about the problem of suffering in the world, I defaulted to the notion of freedom.   In other words, because Jesus loves us he gives us the freedom to [Read More...]

Another question for the Atheist Ex-pastor – This time about Women

  Editor’s Note: Atheist ex-pastor is back, addressing a perplexing question from a reader that many people have thought about but have hesitated to ask their pastor.   Why do so many Christians and Christian religions treat women so abominably? Atheist ex-pastor answers: I came from a fairly liberal Protestant denomination that has been ordaining women [Read More...]

Ask an Atheist Ex-Pastor – What about Me and Grandma in Heaven?

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our first “Ask an Atheist Ex-Pastor” column. “Dave” will answer religion questions you always wanted the answers to, but were afraid to ask (like mine below), Even better, Dave will give you straight answers you never got when you did ask your pastor.  Dave’s sensitive and serious answer to my question [Read More...]