Growing Into My Humanism: Shedding Light on the Shadow of Theism


Editor’s Note: I met Tony Pinn at a Center for Inquiry talk. He is a professor at Rice University who was in Washington, DC to discuss his new book. I’m so happy that he took me up on an offer to write something from his book for the blog. Here he discusses making a new [Read More...]

The Future: Christianity, Humanism or Both


Editor’s Note: Our favorite “post-supernaturalist follower of Jesus, the first century wisdom teacher” is back. This time he comes with news about communities of the historic, human Jesus. I think it sounds like humanism for Jesus aficionados. See what you think.                                 ============================= By Mark Rutledge I was recently asked to speak to a group [Read More...]

Back to the Future


Editor’s Note: “Brian,” the seminary student who wasn’t, sends an instructive and reassuring letter to his younger self about his life course. The message: Life is complex and trusting your gut is better than cursing and dismissing your doubts.                             ========================== Editor’s Note 11/27/14 This post has been updated using the writer’s original words, as [Read More...]

Ever Wonder What Post-Theistic Church Looks Like?


Editor’s Note: As an “out” atheist and active pastor, Gretta Vosper is an anomaly. But she won’t be for long if her concept of a “post-theistic church with a values-centric message for all humanity” takes hold.  In this post, she tells us about how she got where she is and how she and her congregation [Read More...]

I Don’t Believe That Either


Editor’s Note: The following post is reprinted with permission from former pastor and Clergy Project member Jim Mulholland. I recently “discovered” Jim when I saw a link to his blog in a comment on another blog. We’ll be hearing more from him over the months.   I thought I’d start with a post about something I [Read More...]

No Such Thing as “Spiritual”


Editor’s Note: This essay, by John Compere, an early member of The Clergy Project, is derived from a chapter in his 2010 book, Towards The Light: A Fifth-Generation Baptist Minister’s Journey from Religion to Reason. It is also very timely given the recent release of Sam Harris’ book Waking up: A Guide to Spirituality without [Read More...]

Louisiana Humanist Community – More Publicity and More Threats


Editor’s Note:  This update to a recent post reports on an additional anonymous threat to a new, growing humanist community led by a member of The Clergy Project.  We hope our next update will be good news only.  =============================== By Catherine Dunphy Last weekend Jerry DeWitt, Humanist Pastor of the Community Mission Chapel in Lake [Read More...]

Atheist Morality: No Need for God


Editor’s Note: Frequent poster and commenter John Lombard spells out his views of a humanist morality in which people do more than survive – they thrive.  ======================== One of the biggest problems for religious leaders who have lost their faith is the question of morality. Many of us were taught as children that morality must [Read More...]

Liberal and Fundamentalist Clergy: Different even in their Disbelief


Editor’s Note: Former preacher Mason Lane muses on his lost time as a Baptist, the delight he finds in music and the vast differences between the mean God of the fundamentalists and the benign God of the liberals – who is supposedly the same Christian God. The post is derived from a chapter in his [Read More...]

The Importance of Being Honest

Editor’s Note: Our Atheist ex-pastor reflects on his first two days after publicly revealing himself as an atheist. Bottom Line: Not so bad. Actually good in many ways. Certainly very interesting. =============================== By Bob Ripley I yam what I yam and that’s all what I yam. Popeye the sailor man Speak what you think today [Read More...]