Practicing Secular Chaplaincy – Naturally

Editor’s Note: Chris Highland, like several other Clergy Project members, has made a career transition that allows him to keep the valuable, natural elements of his ministerial training while jettisoning the supernatural.  By Chris Highland  When I left my ordination after 14 years in the Presbyterian church in the fall of 2001, my silent and [Read More…]

True Stories from Divinity School, Part I

Editor’s Note: John Figdor’s original reason for attending divinity school was to learn theology so he could effectively debate Christian apologists. Instead, he went a new pastoral route, becoming a humanist Chaplain.  The following essay is the last in the “student” series and the first in an occasional series about the academic study of religion. [Read More…]

Myths from the Past, Hope for the Future

Editor’s Note: In the second of three “student” posts, Catherine, a former Catholic chaplain student, discusses losing her faith during seminary and her concerns about Pope Francis’ criticism of seminary studies. By Catherine Dunphy It’s been nearly ten years since I graduated from seminary.  In that time I have done what I can to distance [Read More…]