Conference in Columbus

This coming weekend, July 12th thru 14th, I will be at Ohio State University for the eastern half of the Secular Student Alliance annual conference.

The ‘western’ conference was last month in Las Vegas -where TAM will be going on at the same time that I’ll be in Columbus. I used to live in Lost Wages.  So it’s not that big a deal. But I’ve never been to Ohio. This will be a new experience for me. I’m sure their casinos will be equally lavish and the scenery just as spectacular.  I love visiting these exotic locations. :-)

"Nah, Camille was a pleasure GELF from Red Dwarf IV.>:8o"

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  • coragyps

    That’s The Ohio State University to you, mister.

    And go to German Village (assuming it still exists) and eat some cheesecake while you are in Columbus.

  • Monocle Smile

    You’re visiting the Worst State Ever? I recommend aiming a bit further north next time…maybe towards a school of a certain rival flavor.

  • machintelligence

    It’s fun to see someone else refer to it as Lost Wages. Ohio is well stocked with something I miss since moving out West — fireflies.

  • L.Long

    I too lived in LasVegas (1966 thru 1972). My son born there. Not lost wages cuz I didn’t go to town to gamble.

    Loved the Valley of Five, the Red Rock Canyon, & Mt Charley.

    Columbus is a hoot. Went for 1week coarse at ATT. The outer perimeter road encircles the entire town (unless it grew some) and all the other roads went N-S & E-W. It was very easy to get around. You should enjoy it.

  • A Hermit

    I spent a month in Ohio one weekend…

  • ohh Amy, this is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for doing this amazing festival and thanks for counting me in. hugs!!