‘Tis the Season for believin’ silly things you know ain’t true

This being the season for believin' (so I am told) I'm going to share an old Facebook post explaining part of my perspective on the imagined war on Christmas and people's rights to religious freedom. "Let me start by saying you have the right to not believe in any God. As I have the right to believe there is a God. Then we divide. I want you to peacefully be able to not believe and I want all others to have the same opportunity as well . My question to you is, Why does there seem to be a need … [Read more...]

NoDAPL on the Secular Nation podcast

This is the second episode of the incarnation of Secular Nation, the official podcast of the Atheist Alliance of America, and the third episode aired since I was elected president of that organization. Here activists who went to Standing Rock talk about how financial institutions and industrial corporations have risen above the government, sometimes acting as or even identifying as government agencies. This is corporate oligarchy, where industries ignore all restrictions and invent their own … [Read more...]

Disney Villains

I just saw Disney's live-action remake of the Jungle Book. I normally don't have time to watch whole movies, and I really didn't now either. But I did, just because Honest Trailers really liked it. I thought it was beautiful cinematography and animation, really well done. But I want to comment on the villain. I tend to like a lot of the villains I see in films. I dug Darth Vader's fashion for example. Who didn't like Tom Hiddleston's version of Loki in the Avengers? Whether it's Jack Nicholson, … [Read more...]

Learnin’ and practicin’ Street Epistemology

Street Epistemology is a conversational rather than confrontational approach to get people thinking about their beliefs -to see if they're valid or held for good reasons. The idea was first proposed by Philosophy Professor Peter Boghossian in his book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.I have often been accused of being too firebrand, as if I could not also be diplomatic. But then people only see me get into these heated discussions with theists who have come to protest atheist events. Those … [Read more...]

Debate: Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact?

I recently posted that a Muslim apologist named Subboor Ahmad challenged me to debate him at an Islamic convention in Houston. I was told that this was a big budget conference, and that they would take care of everything. I just needed to show up and get learned on all the same-old pseudoscientific excuses I've refuted from Christians regularly for the last twenty years.I couldn't resist. Having the opportunity to prove my point before a few hundred Muslims at the Texas Dawah Convention was … [Read more...]

24 hour marathon benefiting Camp Quest

Dogma Debate is doing a 24-hour marathon telethon to raise money for Camp Quest, the camp sites for secular kids across the country. Several speakers in the atheist community are taking different hours to present their case and get their audience to donate. I chose to come on the air at 3:00am on Sunday December 4th. Why such a crazy hour? Because most of MY audience is international. If I figured this out right, 3:00am central time should be 9:00am in London,  1:00pm in Dubai, 5:00pm in Perth, … [Read more...]

Secular Nation Podcast

As President of Atheist Alliance of America, I wanted to raise the standards of our Secular Nation Podcast -such that our shows would be published more frequently, discussing Secular Political topics that come up every week. I also wanted these podcasts to be a shorter than they had been, to better conform to the typical commute time -when I understand that most of our audience tend to be listening. I wanted someone with some skill as a broadcaster and apparent knowledge of politics who would … [Read more...]

Getting the Story from Standing Rock

I think it was in August when I read something online saying "Did you know that the largest Native American demonstration in history is going on right now, and no one is reporting on it?" So I read on to find out about the Dakota Access Pipe Line. At that time, I think someone shared it in my usual atheist feeds as some group of "prayer warriors" trying to defend supposedly sacred lands against further exploitation by Big Business. I could have stopped there and scoffed at the futility of all of … [Read more...]

No one to thank for what I’m thankful for.

I actually celebrate Thanksgiving, though not in the traditional way of course. I've heard too many horror stories about how this tradition came about. For one thing, Thanksgiving is the Christian version of the pagan Halloween. They're both harvest festivals. It's just that one of them was bastardized and the other erected as a replacement of the old practice but with a new name, now being devoted to prayer.I don't pray. There is no God to thank for anything. Let's be realistic. God is not … [Read more...]

Atheist Debate at a Muslim Convention in Texas

I've been asked to do another public debate with a live audience. On Christmas Eve, I will debate "Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact" at the Texas Dawah Convention in Houston. My opponent is Subboor Ahmed of the iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) He and I have had this conversation before, but he wants to repeat the lesson.I'm happy to have this debate inside a Muslim convention. I won't be preaching to the choir this time! That's important to me. There are … [Read more...]