Which is worse? Lying to children? Or being truthful with them?

In this Skeptrack panel, Someone told me I was a big meanie for making a little girl cry at the Reason Rally.I told a story about a little girl at the Reason Rally who was passing out CDs about Jesus. She handed me one and I handed it back, saying "I only accept truth". She said, "This is truth", and I explained, "If you can't show that it's true, then you shouldn't call it truth." I wasn't mean to her. I spoke very softly and kindly. But I did tell her a solemn truth in conflict … [Read more...]

El Paso Atheists

Atheist Alliance of America is establishing network connections with El Paso Atheists: seen here at their usual gathering place, a Unitarian Universalist Church on Byron Street. It's a charming location, but it still seems paradoxical for me to give anti-sermons in any sort of church setting.I'm interested in uniting unbelievers wherever I go, if I can, and El Paso is way away from everyone else in our community. So I want to give them a shout out. … [Read more...]

How many atheists are there in the US, really?

After being elected president of Atheist Alliance of America, the first thing I wanted to do was to find out just how many allies we really have.According to a Pew poll in 2014, only 3.1% of Americans identified as atheists while another 4% identified as agnostic. Agnostic is a word that means "atheist in denial". If you think agnostic means that you don't know, then you don't know that you're an atheist.Yes it’s impossible for anyone to actually know anything about the supernatural, b … [Read more...]

Satanic Panic and Exorcism in Schools?

I was quoted in an article on Vice talking about exorcism. That article talks about how there are only a limited number of Catholic priests in the International Association of Exorcists who are approved and authorized by the church to chant the official incantation that will expel demons. Try to ignore for the moment that there is an international association of people who pretend to do this, and that they're taken seriously and even trained and authorized by the single most popular and … [Read more...]

The New Texas State Director of American Atheists

When I was elected president of Atheist Alliance of America, I had to resign my previous position, creating a vacancy: one that will be filled by a much more accomplished activist than me. She is the executive director of South Texas Atheists for Reason, the founder of Atheists Helping the Homeless of San Antonio, the director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and acts as a Humanist chaplain at Lackland Air Force Base -where she draws several hundred recruits to her weekly services. … [Read more...]

Senationalizing Science

My presentation to the Secular Hub in Denver Colorado was my first speech as president of Atheist Alliance of America and my last opportunity to talk about politics before the election, which I felt compelled to do. So although the topic was supposed to be a comparison of science and sensationalism, it was blended with these other two topics as well. … [Read more...]

Some folks never learn

The infamous charlatan "Dr" Kent Hovind (with a worthless mail-order PhD) is opening another "Dinosaur Adventure Land", this time in Alabama. Somehow hucksters like him always find rubes to donate money and property to keep lying in the guise of education. Otherwise he'd have to sell used cars, wonder drugs, or multi-level marketing schemes. As one of his predecessors said, "There's a sucker born every minute". Hovind says that Alabama public schools have already agreed to schedule field trips … [Read more...]

What is faith?

I happened across a video of a couple of Christians reviewing my debate with John Lepp. They said it wasn't very polished or professional on either side. I agree, but the biggest fault I have with myself is assuming that once I give the clues, my audience should be able to connect the dots and understand the implications that I think are obvious without further explanation. That has consistently proven not to be the case. Experience has shown that no matter how obvious I think that was, I will … [Read more...]

I’m on IMDB

I have an IMDB page now, because I've been in a handful of movies, almost all of them documentaries, and only two of those are listed on that page. Take A Scarlett Letter for an example of one of the ones that are not listed. In the one exception to the documentaries, I played an post-apocalyptic '80s future Road-Warrior type biker, fighting zombies reanimated by a slightly decomposing Jesus Christ. My son and I were only extras, but amusingly I was also the most famous person in that film. … [Read more...]

My debate with John Lepp

This was my first formal debate ever. I mean, I've argued with a few evangelicals online or on someone's radio show, and some of those were called "debates". But this was the real deal, two people sharing the stage with a proper moderator -addressing a live audience in the same room. I've never done that before.I misread the format of the debate. I thought that each of us would have a first and second presentation, one for opening statements and then one to rebut the opponent's claims … [Read more...]