Announcing two new science series plus patron exclusive content

Happy New Year! Thanks to the generous support of our Patrons, I will begin two new science-related video series. I already released a new video called “How Meteorology Disproves Noah’s Flood.” It is the first in a new series about how various fields of study disprove the fable of the Noachian global deluge.Perhaps for many skeptics, the idea that anyone still needs to be deprogrammed of the notion that a large boat full of a breeding pair of every animal on Earth ever existed sounds impla … [Read more...]

Sponsored links for creationism

I looked up my book on, and noticed these "sponsored links".Do you see this shit? How should I respond to those links? "Is evolution just a theory?" That's the 15th foundational falsehood of creationism. If you think evolution is "just" a theory, then you don't know what a theory is. "You can prove creation." No, you fucking can't, but we can all DISprove creationism and that's already been done again and again and again, many times many ways. Get my book and look up the … [Read more...]

The TIES evolution education program

On the latest episode of the Ra-Men podcast, we interviewed Bertha Vazquez, Director if the TIES program (Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science), which is an educational program supported by the Richard Dawkins foundation, through which Bertha and other members of TIES give middle-school teachers the background they’ll need to teach evolution in an effective and engaging manner.Previously we had spoken to Richard Dawkins and Robyn Blumner about our own classroom supplement supplement s … [Read more...]

Noah’s Farce

After I finished the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism video series, I considered doing another related series on the Noachian flood. I wanted to do separate episodes showing how meteorology disproves the flood, (by which I mean physics, really.) how geology disproves the flood, and how archaeology, anthropology zoology, and even mythology disprove the flood. I opted not to do that series years ago, because I didn't think it necessary anymore, that enough people understood by now that the … [Read more...]

Pence the Dence

On July 11th 2002, Mike Pence, then representing Indiana's 6th congressional district, testified before the House of Representatives that public schools should teach the theory of evolution as if it were only one of multiple hypotheses regarding the origins of species. Now that Trump the Chump has chosen Pence the Dense as his vice presidential running mate, I felt obliged to address (now-Governor) Pence's willful ignorance and misrepresentation of evolution.I'm actually frustrated with … [Read more...]

Some folks never learn

The infamous charlatan "Dr" Kent Hovind (with a worthless mail-order PhD) is opening another "Dinosaur Adventure Land", this time in Alabama. Somehow hucksters like him always find rubes to donate money and property to keep lying in the guise of education. Otherwise he'd have to sell used cars, wonder drugs, or multi-level marketing schemes. As one of his predecessors said, "There's a sucker born every minute". Hovind says that Alabama public schools have already agreed to schedule field trips … [Read more...]

An Amazing blurb

James Randi has written an Amazing endorsement of my book!The seemingly unquenchable popularity of the so-called "paranormal" has long been a puzzle, both to me and to my good friend Aron Ra. However, Aron's much more important and more specific interest in preoccupation with woo-woo is bifold: religion & creationism -- to the study of which he has given much thought and concern. His book Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism brings to our stunned attention the farcical, juvenile, … [Read more...]

Number One New Release in Christianity

This book has been something like eight years in the making for me. The official release date is November 1st. So my book hasn't even been released yet, but it's already the #1 New Release in Christianity on Amazon today! There's a certain irony in that, I think. :-)Yes, there will be an audio version. But my schedule is crazy at the moment, and I won't have time to record it until November. … [Read more...]

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism available for pre-order

I just saw the listing for the first time. Pre-orders of my book are available on Amazon.  The publisher returned their edition to me, and I'm now reviewing the final format. I think it will be 6x9" and 440 pages. No pictures though. I should be recording an audio version of it sometime next month.  This is remarkable to me. The first time I ever mentioned "foundational falsehoods of creationism" was a decade ago on a post to ChristianForums, and it was deleted by the admins because I d … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Race

Is race a biological or social construct?The word “race” as it is applied to describing ancestral traits in humans is notoriously difficult to disambiguate. The word itself is polysemous, or has different but related senses depending on the context of the discussion. The word “man” is also a polyseme that is ambiguous to the point that its use can obscure meaning. Man can be used in the sense of the words humanity, males, or the human genus.In any discussion of race, the word can change s … [Read more...]