Your Identity Doesn’t Come from Your Work

So, you’re at a gathering and you meet someone for the first time. He asks you a key question so that he knows who you are: “What do you do?”What we do is so inextricably linked to who we are. It just is. Why? Because, in the beginning, God made humans this way!In Genesis, God says,“Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule...” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blesse … [Read more...]

You Backsliders! You Chose a Career in Politics?! And You Chose a Career in Business?!

So, you are in a career other than pastor or missionary. How does your church make you feel about that? John Stott wrote, “We often give the impression that if a young Christian man is really keen for Christ he will undoubtedly become a foreign missionary, that if he is not quite as keen as that he will stay at home and become a pastor, that if he lacks the dedication to be a pastor, he will no doubt serve as a doctor or teacher, while those who end up in social work or the media or (worst of a … [Read more...]

2015 top 10 posts to (re)integrate faith, life, and vocations

It’s been a busy year for me writing about how to reintegrate faith, life, and vocations.God has blessed me to be able to write about the subject in a dissertation for my doctoral program at Covenant Theological Seminary.It has been a fun and fruitful year writing here at the (re)integrate blog, which was originally a part of and was migrated over to in September as part of the Patheos Faith and Work Channel.And for the first half of 2015, I was a writer a … [Read more...]

Calling Comes Before Ethics: What Peanuts, Volkswagens and Pharmaceuticals Can Teach Us

The Consequence of Our Two-Faced Lives. Former peanut executive Stewart Parnell was recently sentenced to 28 years in prison for knowingly shipping bad peanuts that created a salmonella outbreak, killing nine people and making hundreds sick.Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn resigned this week after the EPA discovered that the carmaker installed a so-called "defeat device" in 11 million diesel vehicles in order to fool emissions testers.Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli finally … [Read more...]

Desperately Needed: Prayers for Our Marketplace Leaders

I’ll never forget the look on his face when I told him that I wanted to pray for him as a leader. A look of shock was quickly masked by looking away; and then, a gentle tear fell. This man, a New Your Times Best Seller, speaker, and leader, was truly taken back when someone genuinely asked to pray specifically for him as a leader.That weekend I had heard him share about handling some of the difficult situations that confront him, and was so impressed by his responses. As I listened, God w … [Read more...]

Sabbath Rest for the Christian

On the seventh day, when God “rested from all his work,” he set a precedent for all of us. After the initial Creation, God entered the “rest” of enjoying his handiwork. He entered into a time of dwelling in and with the work of the first six days. The cosmos that he created was done – but that did not mean that more work would not be needed. But at that moment, God could enjoy the fruit of his labor. The construction of the temple was finished – he could now enter it and enjoy it. We are create … [Read more...]

If the Lord Wills It

Being Humble as We Make Bold Decisions and Submitting to When Our Plans are Changed. I never got into Google+. I don’t know any friends who did either.According to a recent article by Seth Fiegerman at Mashable, “Google's effort to build a social network to rival Facebook began with a bold, company-wide yell. Now Google appears to be winding down Google+ with barely a whimper.”Google is known for organic technological innovation. But according to Fiegerman’s research, their Google+ proje … [Read more...]

Is Working as a Financial Adviser as Spiritual as Working for World Vision?

Mark Sheerin was once an international aid worker for the Christian ministry World Vision, traveling around to distant lands and helping the poor. He quit that job to go create a financial planning and wealth management firm.And, get this, he is convinced that his current work glorifies God as much as his former work did.Sheerin wrote the Blue Ribbon winning essay for Christianity Today’s This is Our City project with “Why I Left World Vision for Finance: And why my current work matters a … [Read more...]

3 commitments that Sustain the Christian

A worldview, a mentor, a community. Nothing magic here, but these three habits of heart have been running through my mind for a long time.In my thirties, I began wondering “why some people keep on keeping on, and why others don’t?” Loving my students as I did, this plagued me, and I eventually spent ten years studying this, writing a dissertation and then a book, exploring its challenges and questions.The book argued that there are three commitments that mark people who keep at it over a … [Read more...]

Busy is Not Cool

8 Questions to Prayerfully Assess Why You Are So Busy. When I run into friends and acquaintances, they will usually ask me, “How’ve you been?” My reply is often, “Busy,” or “I've barely got my head above water,” or “Keeping all the plates spinning.”Why do I answer like this?Sure, it’s a way of assuring people (and myself) that I am diligent in all my various duties. But more likely it is a way to proudly state that I am significant.I like to be busy and I like to brag that I am busy. … [Read more...]