Your Identity Doesn’t Come from Your Work

So, you’re at a gathering and you meet someone for the first time. He asks you a key question so that he knows who you are: “What do you do?”What we do is so inextricably linked to who we are. It just is. Why? Because, in the beginning, God made humans this way!In Genesis, God says,“Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule...” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blesse … [Read more...]

Commencement Addresses that Truly Inspire

I don’t remember the commencement address at my college graduation. He or she did not leave much of an impression. For my Master’s degree, the speaker was some European scholar who the school had just given an honorary doctoral degree. He droned on and on about stuff that had nothing to do with what 90% of the graduates would be doing.I was frustrated that my fellow students and my family had to endure that when it could have been, should have been, an inspiring address.Having been ser … [Read more...]

Kingdom of God: Scot McKnight, Yoder, and Constantine

Fourth in a series on the Kingdom of God.Scot McKnight, in Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church, lays out the case for the Anabaptist view of the kingdom. The Kingdom of God as God's Rule Over His Church McKnight contends, “‘A people governed by a king’—this is how the Old Testament uses the term ‘kingdom.’…Israel is a kingdom. Moses legislates how a king in Israel is to behave: ‘When he takes the throne of his kingdom, he is to write for himself on a sc … [Read more...]

Creation Is a Manifesto

We Christians sometimes try to be holier than God, especially when it comes to creation. We act as if the world is under the sway of the evil one. And we get our escape pods ready, practically eager to abandon creation, convinced that God doesn’t really care about it either.But that’s hardly God’s take on creation. Indeed, in the Incarnation, the Word made flesh, the Creator of the universe moves into our neighborhood. The infinite, transcendent God becomes embodied like us. And did you notic … [Read more...]

Five Life-Altering Career Lessons for Young Professionals

My first entry-level professional job paid enough for a decent apartment with a sofa and TV. As far as I was concerned, this was the good life, and planning for the upcoming weekend was about as far out as I could comprehend.Luckily for me, I married a brave, visionary woman who was wise and encouraging and saw the greater potential for our future that I couldn’t always see for myself. She believed in me, nudging me along through my doubts and insecurities. (Also, it didn’t hurt that she was … [Read more...]

The Professor as Scholar

I have a friend at a major research university who teaches on Thursday aftenoons 3-5, and when he learned my hours of teaching he asked with a snarl "How do you get anything done?" I have another friend, a high school driver's education teacher who never reads a book but who teaches from 7:20am to 3:30pm with a one hour break and who also coaches after school, who asks me regularly, "Is It because you can't stand the pressure that you don't do anything?" I have another friend, a manual laborer … [Read more...]

Bethel College Launches Innovative Student Program with the help of Bob Robinson

Over the Summer of 2014, I worked with the Student Success Center at Bethel College to contribute to their new program called "Career and Calling Milestones."  The four pillars of the program are:Identity,Experience,Skills, andCalling.I wrote the "Calling" portion of the program. For each year in college (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors), I created Bible studies, worksheets, and reflection papers that students in the program will do that build upon each other. Our h … [Read more...]

Wisdom for Graduates: There Is Life After College

One of my colleagues at CCO, Erica Young Reitz, has written a very helpful article for those who have graduated from college, "There Is Life After College."Here's a nugget:"More than advice, the best thing I can offer is a little help closing the gap between your expectations of life after college and the reality you may face. To that end, here are some things I’ve found to be true for most alumni. I hope these will help normalize your own experience, and remind you that you are not a … [Read more...]

Who Am I? Rooting Your Identity in the Image of God

A few years ago, I wrote the cover article for Comment Magazine's annual "Making the Most of College" issue. While it is written to college students, the principles of how the image of God provides our identity in our work is applicable to everyone.By special arrangement with Cardus, I've been given permission to provide this to our readers here at Reintegrate.Originally in Comment Magazine, September 2008, published by Cardus. … [Read more...]

Leadership Influence: Beyond the Stereotype

What is a leader?Is a leader someone who has all the answers? Is it someone with authority? Or, is it someone who makes the sacrifices necessary to empower and encourage others to engage and to work together toward common goals and solutions?Some of us have experienced people who think of themselves as leaders, who have an arrogant swagger, a desire for power, a smug know-it-all attitude. And we naturally find such an image unseemly.This is not the image of Jesus, the most influential … [Read more...]