The Consequences of the Fall

After the creative events recorded in Genesis 1 and 2, Genesis 3 records what theologians call “the Fall.” “The essence of man's first sin was his disobedience to the only divine command he had received: not to eat of the tree of knowledge. The consequences of his actions are both physical—toil, pain. and death—and spiritual—alienation from God.” (Gordon J. Wenham, Word Biblical Commentary Volume 1, Genesis 1-15) The consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin goes beyond them to all of humanity, we inh … [Read more...]

Your Calling and the Holy Spirit

A major problem with our modern conception of vocation is that we preceive our “spiritual” life as disconnected from the actual work that we do as participation in the mission of God. In his excellent book that explores theology of vocation, Miroslav Volf contends, “The sphere of the new creation cannot be tied to the ‘inner man.’ Because the whole creation is the Spirit’s sphere of operation, the Spirit is not only the Spirit of religious experience but also the Spirit of worldly engagement.” ( … [Read more...]

Need to Get Away?

Go to Laity Lodge Next Month!  The Contemplative Life for the Rest of Life: Why and how vocations are formed by a deep and deepening intimacy with God SPEAKERS Steve Garber | Washington, DC | web Gideon Tsang | Austin, TX | webMUSICIANS Claire Holley | Los Angeles, CA | web Dan Phelps | Seattle, WA | webARTIST Josh Welker | Upland, IN | webREGISTRATION DETAILS Register at  … [Read more...]

Sabbath Rest for the Christian

On the seventh day, when God “rested from all his work,” he set a precedent for all of us. After the initial Creation, God entered the “rest” of enjoying his handiwork. He entered into a time of dwelling in and with the work of the first six days. The cosmos that he created was done – but that did not mean that more work would not be needed. But at that moment, God could enjoy the fruit of his labor. The construction of the temple was finished – he could now enter it and enjoy it. We are create … [Read more...]

If the Lord Wills It

Being Humble as We Make Bold Decisions and Submitting to When Our Plans are Changed. I never got into Google+. I don’t know any friends who did either.According to a recent article by Seth Fiegerman at Mashable, “Google's effort to build a social network to rival Facebook began with a bold, company-wide yell. Now Google appears to be winding down Google+ with barely a whimper.”Google is known for organic technological innovation. But according to Fiegerman’s research, their Google+ proje … [Read more...]

ReFrame: New Film-Based Course on How to Connect Faith to All Areas of Life

The Reframing StoryReFrame aims to help you live out faith in everyday life, encouraging you to encounter Jesus afresh and allowing his story to shape your own.Watch the first session for free!Explore how a fragmented and complex world can tempt Christians to either withdraw from or assimilate to the culture around them. Learn how the true story of Jesus enables Christians to resist these temptations and live integrated and faithful lives. … [Read more...]

A Quick History Lesson on How We Have Understood “Christian Mission”

Part 1: Evangelicals and the Shift to Seeing Mission as Purely Evangelism.A survey of the recent history of evangelical understanding of Christian mission reveals an ebb and flow between seeing the mission of God’s people as being about the redemption of all aspects of life on earth to being solely about evangelism and the destiny of souls in the afterlife.The Legacy of William CareyThe “father of Protestant missions,”[1] William Carey (1761-1834), focused on the “Great Commission” at the e … [Read more...]

You (Yes YOU!) Might Not Know What the Gospel is – Skye Jethani

In this video, Skye Jethani makes a bold claim: That many evangelical Christians, even though they think they know what the Gospel is, actually have not ever heard the gospel clearly and succinctly. In fact, they have mistaken the "response" to the Gospel with the Gospel itself.Why is this video so important? Because it is because we have the gospel wrong that we live dis-integrated lives. We need to get the Gospel right in order to reintegrate faith, life, and vocations.Skye says,“The … [Read more...]

Dueling Carols: One Biblical, One Platonic

Yesterday we sang two Christmas carols with opposing views on redemption.Joy to the World rightly proclaims the goodness of creation, the tragic destruction of sin (“no more let sins and sorrow grow, nor thorns infest the ground”), and God’s plan to save the entire earth, “far as the curse is found.” This is my favorite Christmas carol, both for its jubilant melody and sound theology.[tvideo type="youtube" clip_id="zrOlXLeWJQ4" autoplay="false" controls="true" disablekb="false" fs="true" sh … [Read more...]

Part of the Bigger Story

Finding our place in God’s huge story.I imagine having an out-of-body experience. As I gaze down upon an ancient table, I see a large book before me, bound in leather with silver clasps and edges. As I open the book, the words on the pages come to life, showing story after story of lives being lived concurrently. The stories, at times, are independent of each other, but most of the time, they intertwine with other stories to make a complex and much bigger story.Oh, there is my story! In c … [Read more...]