Who’s Responsible for Religious Literacy Education?

By Skyler Oberst and Benjamin Marcus.  Skyler Oberst and Benjamin Marcus recently completed the 2015-2016 Germanacos Fellowship. Skyler created a “Meet the Neighbor” video series in Spokane, WA to teach members of his community how to visit local houses of worship and create a safe space to have a meaningful interfaith encounter. Ben collaborated with public school teachers in the suburbs of Chicago, IL to create lesson plans about religion for teachers in history, soc … [Read more...]

Are Religion Courses Harmful to Faith?

By Todd GreenYes. There's no use in beating around the bush. Whether one firmly believes that Christianity alone contains Truth with a capital "T," or thinks that God's nature or existence is a settled matter, there is always the possibility that the academic study of religion will rattle the foundations of one's faith. Religion courses, indeed, can be hazardous to one's spiritual health.We religion professors are aware of these risks. We are also aware that on many college campuses, … [Read more...]