Orthodox Christian Concerns: A Lament for Our Millennial Daughters

By Jennifer Nahas.What is best about the Orthodox Church—holding true to early teachings and traditions—also presents its greatest challenge: making sure tradition doesn’t trump appropriate treatment of others. While many prize the richness of the Orthodox Church, our traditions can lead to exclusion of some from fully participating in the community of Christ.  It’s a fine line, preserving ancient rites without marginalizing particular groups, within a patriarchal structure, and is ripe for d … [Read more...]

Clerical Sexual Abuse Among Catholics and Jews: Comparisons and Contrasts

By Shalom Goldman, Duke University Many Catholics in the US and overseas are hoping that the new Pope, Francis I, will help heal the wounds inflicted on the Church by the sexual abuse scandals of the past few decades. And many Catholic victims of clerical sexual abuse, while reminding us that their wounds are deep and permanent, see a healing of the Church as a necessary component of their individual recoveries.Moral outrage about clerical abuse is directed not only at the … [Read more...]