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My book The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith is close to being finalized, and hopefully will be available within a few weeks from BookSurge.

Today I made a first attempt at making a flyer for use when promoting the book. I’d welcome feedback and suggestions about ways to improve it. You can download it from this link.
I was glad to see that British television seems to be doing its part to keep interest in the subject alive until I can get my book into print! 🙂
Just to give fair warning, it is my hope that enthusiastic readers of this blog will do me a favor. No, I’m not asking you to buy the book yourselves (although I obviously have no objection to your doing so!). What I really hope some of you might do is suggest the book for purchase at your local public and/or university library. That will lead to more purchases and a wider readership. Think about it.
I’ll let you know when the book is available.

I’ve also created a blog dedicated to promoting and discussing the book once it comes out. I’ll be glad to finally have this book in print, so that in the Spring, when I’ll have my first ever sabbatical, I can devote myself to other projects.

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  • Okay: so I’m a longtime reader, first time poster; and I’m hear leaping out of my cocoon of silence to suggest–nay–strongly urge you to choose another font besides “papyrus” for the book’s cover and the corresponding poster. My design conscious friends and I have always complained about this over used, high attention font; and there exists, in fact, an anti-papyrus Facebook group with 282 members, suggesting that others feel the same way. I also think this font gives off an air of unprofessionalism even to those unaware of font issues, and I would strongly suggest using something else a little more standard, or else using a custom font or hand drawn title if you strongly desire the “papyrus touch.”

  • Good news, James. I just hope you’ve also dedicated a couple of words on the Turin Shroud, since it’s a medieval forgery. I’ve very rarely found mention of it in scholarly books, while popular quackery (i.e, tons of books and 99% of web articles) consider it to be the real burial cloth of Jesus. 🙂

  • Wow, I had no idea that there were such strong feelings about the Papyrus font! I’m dismayed to think that I may have caused 282 potential readers to cast the book aside in disgust.I’m afraid that, if I were to try to change it now, it might delay things significantly. I’m really doing this as something of an experiment, just to see how a print-on-demand book aimed at a more general readership will do, compared with my other books published by university presses and presumably read mainly by academics.I will say this, though: if it took my using the dreaded Papyrus font to get you out of your cocoon and open the lines of communication, perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing! :)So what do others think of the Papyrus font? Seriously, what other fonts give rise to similar animosity?

  • Comic Sans is pretty bad. A recent speaker at my school used it for a whole half-week’s worth of PowerPoint slides. I guess a lot of designers have something against Arial because it was commissioned by Microsoft in the Windows 3.1 days as a replacement for Helvetica, which many hold as the mother of all non-descript, sans-serif fonts (there was a 2007 documentary that bears it’s name to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the font). Even though Arial legally could have copied Helvetica exactly while using a different name, it slightly changed some letters while keeping the same spacing between letters so that it can be a drop in replacement for H. And I hope there’s no hard feelings about you book cover: I was obviously being exaggerative; and I don’t think it speaks at all to the book’s content. (well not that much at least!)

  • Thanks for this – at least now I know it wasn’t a one in a million bit of bad luck. It sounds like the chances were pretty high that I’d happen to pick one that is unpopular with someone.I’ll make you a deal. If you buy the book, I’ll provide you with a cover graphic with the font of your choice that you can glue over the original one, in order to hide the offensive font! 🙂