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Eschatological Taxonomy

It isn’t every day that you encounter the word “eschatological” (or the word “taxonomy” for that matter) outside of academic journals and books. But it is part of the title of a poster that appeared today at IO9: An interesting question is to ask where you think the eschatology of various Biblical writings belongs within [Read More…]

Evolution as Predictive Theory

James Kidder explains the predictive accuracy of evolutionary theory in a new post at CFSI. [Read more…]

Extraterrestrial Life Announcement Coming Soon?

NASA is going to be holding a press conference on December 2nd, and the line-up of panelists has some speculating that they will be announcing that they have discovered life elsewhere than on Earth (or at least from elsewhere). The NASA press release simply says that it relates to an “astrobiology discovery” and that it [Read More…]

Happy Cyber Monday!

I overheard a conversation in which a colleague wished someone a belated happy Thanksgiving, and in reply that person wished my colleague a “Happy Cyber Monday.” I didn’t spot any spectacular deals that I can boast of, but maybe you’ll be more lucky. Here’s an Amazon widget for your convenience. Just because I didn’t find [Read More…]

The Bible/Religion and Sci-Fi at SBL and/or AAR?

Shouldn’t this T-shirt say “Trust me, I’m The Doctor”? Next year will mark the reunification (of sorts) of the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion annual meetings. They will be simultaneous and in close proximity, if not strictly speaking “one conference.” Nevertheless, one of the areas that overlaps the two organizations’ domains [Read More…]

STANCE: Undergraduate Philosophy Journal Call for Papers

I received an e-mail about a new journal providing an opportunity for undergraduates to publish in philosophy. It is called Stance and it is based at Ball State University. Here’s the Call for Papers: Call For Papers Stance is unique as it is produced and edited solely by undergraduates. By using external reviewers we provide feedback [Read More…]

Ask and you shall Receive, Search and you shall Find!

By popular demand (or at least direct requests from a few blog readers) I have added a search bar to the top left of the blog sidebar. It seems to do much better than Blogger’s own search bar (which isn’t saying much) and also allows you to search blogs that link from here, the blogroll, [Read More…]

2 Thessalonians is so Pseudepigraphal, He’s Gotta Wear Shades!

Students in my class on the Bible each make a presentation on the topic for one class. Today we were up to the subject of pseudepigraphy and the epistles attributed to Paul, and the student who presented shared this video by Eman Laerton: It took a while until I realized that this is the same [Read More…]

Concluding the Christology Conversation with Larry Hurtado

Larry Hurtado has posted the final installment in our blog conversation about monotheism and Christology. Let me express once again my appreciation for his willingness to engage in this discussion, which I certainly have found beneficial, and hope others have as well. Most importantly, I feel as though this discussion has helped me identify more [Read More…]

SBL Blogger and Online Publication Podcasts

David Stark has shared the complete set of podcasts from the SBL Blogger and Online Publication session. [Read more…]