Wikibooks Revelation Commentary

I mentioned previously the need for professors to get students to spend less time reading Wikipedia and similar sources, and more time writing Wikipedia, contributing reliable information based on other reading they’ve been doing.

Wikipedia is a busy place and many of its pages are the front lines of an internet battlefield. Leaving that to grad students, I decided it was preferable to send undergraduates into the calmer countrysides of Wikibooks, which also offers precisely what I was looking for in terms of format, already being set up to provide Wiki commentaries on books of the Bible.

And so the students in my course on the Book of Revelation this semester have been contributing to the Wikibooks commentary on the Book of Revelation in lieu of writing overnight short writes. You can pay a visit to the site and see the results.

(I actually tried this once before, in my class on the Gospel of John a few years ago).

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  • newenglandsun

    That would be a fun and productive project. Apparently, some of the heavy metal bands on wikipedia undergo genre wars too between members (“No, no! They’re melodic brutal death metal.” “No, they’re deathcore.” “Actually, they’re melodic metalcore.”) Contributing multiple, fair and blanced sides of Revelation commentaries would be interesting to see. Historicism, Futurism, Preterism, and all their various forms.