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Thom Stark’s Latest Book (Review)

Calling what Thom Stark has written a “book review” rather than a “book” would probably give an inaccurate impression. He has engaged Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God by writing a book review that is a full book-length treatment of the topic. Stark’s response is titled “Is God A [Read More…]

BioLogos Clarifies Genetics in Response to Intelligent Design Claims

BioLogos has posted a video addressing Intelligent Design from a Christian perspective. Untitled from BioLogos Foundation Inc on Vimeo. I would have made a different point than the host of the video does in her comparison between “Christian music” and ID’s supposedly “Christian science.” In fact, “Christian music” doesn’t involve Christians coming up with their [Read More…]

Mythicism Meets Mandaism

Although mythicists are primarily focused on spreading unpersuasive ideas about Christian origins, at least one mythicist has decided to do the same in relation to the Mandaeans. Salm makes claims about the Mandaeans and Gnostics that are demonstrably false in his recent interview on Vridar. Mandaean sources consistently view celestial powers such as the sun, [Read More…]

Explaining Mythicist Sleight of Hand

Magic tricks are fun, and having had the privilege of knowing a magician or two, I’ve also had the occasional trick explained to me. For some, knowing how any trick works seems to “spoil the magic,” but from my perspective, understanding how some tricks work only tells you what you should have known already – [Read More…]

Mythicism’s Best Answers?

Earl Doherty, supposedly one of the better advocates for mythicism, has continued to provide evidence over at Vridar that all of my criticisms of mythicism are on target. Since Doherty is interacting with earlier numbered points of mine, I’ll use those numbers too here for ease of reference. #13:  The point is simply that the [Read More…]

Sci-Fi Secrets of Sam Weiss and the Smallest Sith

Two videos of interest via IO9. One is about the character Sam Weiss on Fringe. It is mostly the producers saying that they can’t comment, but there are still some interesting details for careful “observers.” The second is an interview with the youngest, and currently one of the most famous, Sith lords: [Read more…]

A Fair(y) Use Tale

Brad Matthies, a librarian and guru of all things copyright here at Butler, shared a few videos related to copyright and fair use, in a post about YouTube’s policies. This one is particularly good: [Read more…]

Last Day Week for Super-Saver Registration for the SBL Annual Meeting

Thanks to Michael Halcomb for the reminder that this is the last week to register for this year’s Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting at the super-saver rate. I’m already registered, but I figure others who put it off for as long as I usually do might appreciate a reminder. [Read more…]

Quote of the Day

“If God had meant us to see the sunrise, he’d have scheduled it later in the day.” — author unknown (seen on a Facebook profile) [Read more…]

Fringe: Bishop Talks to God

I’ve said before that Fringe offers much that LOST did and at times does a better job of providing a coherent story with answers. Of course, there are lots of loose ends that might still be left open: Who build the machine? How could they have designed it with Peter in mind? Who are the [Read More…]