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Home From #SBLAAR

Home From #SBLAAR

I’m back home safe and sound from the conference in Chicago. I expect that blogging not related to the conference will resume pretty much immediately, and I may try to go back and blog about some of the highlights which I have not managed to yet, if there is interest. John Dominic Crossan’s keynote address was great, on Eastern iconography depicting the resurrection. Simply meeting people for the first time face to face – such as Steve Wiggins, and Christopher Skinner, who introduced himself at what is without a doubt the best AAR/SBL party two years running, namely that hosted by Wipf and Stock. Or meeting and having a chance to chat with people I already knew – Larry Hurtado, Nathan MacDonald, Steve Walton, Ken SchenckRobin Parry, and many others – including especially those also interested in and/or involved in the project on the Mandaean Book of John, including Charles Haberl, April DeConick, Jorunn Buckley, Jennifer Hart, Yuhan Vevaina, and others. Sorry that even so there are some people I didn’t talk to – including Jim Linville, who posted one of the most important updates about the conference! 🙂

There are lots of links I want to offer to other blogs, about events that I missed. Some I’ve already spotted include Jim Davila’s paper and a video of Joel Watts’ presentation. But there are surely more out there. Since I have 621 unread posts on blogs I subscribe to, it may take a few minutes to get properly caught up…

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  • brianleport

    Great seeing you again James!