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  • GakuseiDon

    Kangaroos can hop for long distances at around 15 miles per hour. Travelling 10 hours a day, they could cover the distance back to Australia in about 2 months. So why expect any bones at all? (Not a Creationist, but bad arguments are bad arguments).

    • Beau Quilter

      Assuming they were given a divine instinct to hop over 7,000 miles in a straight line through deserts, mountains, and forests, ending with a little miracle to hop the final leg of their journey over the Pacific Ocean.

      Now, the platypus?

      • GakuseiDon

        Obviously, they travelled on the back of the kangaroos. :)

        Actually, I agree that platypuses would be a slightly better example. But kangaroos are a terrible example. Fallacious arguments against Creationism gives it air that we shouldn’t allow.

        • Beau Quilter

          I disagree. Most species that are clearly not indigenous to the middle east serve quite well, especially those that are separated by entire oceans!

          • markhh

            I have to agree that Kangaroos are a good example. But I also agree with the OP that the argument AS STATED is terrible. If the original image said something about crossing mountains or oceans, it would have been great.