An Epicurean Argument Against Hell

I thought this reworking by Randy Olds of a famous Epicurean argument deserved to be shared: Is God willing to put an end to the torments of Hell, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then how can [Read More…]

Biology Student Reviews Behe

An Evangelical biology student reviews Behe’s claims at the BioLogos blog. [Read more…]

LGBTQ Ordination Resource

I have linked in the past to the series at Two Friars and a Fool about homosexuality and the Bible, providing these materials with the aim of supporting gays, lesbians and others pursuing ordination. Today Shuck and Jive mentioned the series and pointed out that there are two pdf documents that present the key points [Read More…]

The Bible and Climate Change

Lauri Lebo shared a video of a Republican representative citing the Bible as proof that humans will not be able to destroy the earth. That is wrong on so many levels. Rep. Shimkus said, “The earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth.” Biblical prophecy, [Read More…]

Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters

As several other bloggers have already noted, Eisenbrauns has launched a new academic journal, the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters. More information is available on the publisher’s web site, and a sample issue is available for download. [Read more…]

Exploring Our Matrix is Seven Years Old

Seven years ago today, a blog called Exploring Our Matrix started in an obscure corner of my personal web space on the Butler web site. [Read more…]

2010 Bibliobloggers Dinner

As Bob Cargill has announced, plans have been made for the 2010 bibliobloggers dinner to be held in conjunction with the Society of Biblical Literature conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Bob writes: The 2010 biblioblogger gathering in Atlanta this year will be held at Gibney’s irish pub (map) on Sunday night, November 21, 2010, at 6:45 pm. It’s [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado reviews The Only True God

Larry Hurtado has written a review of my book The Only True God, an extended version of which he has shared on his web site. Larry Hurtado A couple of other bloggers managed to mention this before I had the chance to, which really attests to the effectiveness of blogs as means for spreading news and information. [Read More…]

Is the Bibliobloggers Dinner a thing of the past?

So far I’ve heard nothing about a bibliobloggers’ dinner at this year’s Society of Biblical Literature conference on any of the Biblical studies blogs. Is this something we’ve decided to give up on? All it takes to make it happen is for us to agree on a day, time, and venue. It shouldn’t be too [Read More…]

Teaching the Bible in the Liberal Arts Curriculum

I received an e-mail a few days ago saying that there is still room at a workshop the Wabash Center will be holding immediately prior to SBL in Atlanta. More information is available on the Wabash Center website. Wabash Center Pre-Conference Workshop At the 2010 SBL Annual Meeting Teaching The Bible in the Liberal Arts CurriculumAtlanta, Georgia [Read More…]