War in the LEGO Heavens

Today my class on the Bible reached the Book of Revelation, and the student who presented used a picture in his PowerPoint that would have been perfect for the discussion yesterday in my class on Revelation about the (lack of) climactic battles in Revelation. The one place we do get an impression that there is [Read More…]

Calvin on Academic Writing

No not that Calvin, the other one… HT Jim West and Michael Barber [Read more…]

Learn to Speak Christianese

HT Chris Tilling who got it from Host. [Read more…]

Happy Romanian National Day!

HT to NECC for the image. [Read more…]

Faith, Doubt, and…Cheese Toasties

Yesterday in my “Faith, Doubt and Reason” class we had a wonderful discussion, although the relevance to the subject of the class may not have been readily apparent at first to the students (who seemed sure I would intervene any moment to end the discussion). Students engaged in a lively debate about language, spelling, and [Read More…]

Electronic Publishing and Productivity

An article by Scott McLemee in Insider Higher Ed discusses the subject of scholarly productivity in the post-print, digital age. He also shares a link to the latest issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing – yet another periodical I should be reading regularly and so I’ve subscribed to their feed. Also of interest on [Read More…]

Digging Digitally Unearths Complete Blogger and Online Publication Session From #SBL10

The blog Digging Digitally has not just a post but the post about the Blogger and Online Publication session at this year’s annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Atlanta, Georgia. It includes not just the text, not just the audio, but also the blogging of others about the session, both serious and [Read More…]

Two Friars, a Fool, and Homosexuality

I previously shared links to resources related to the Bible, homosexuality, and the ordination of gays and lesbians which have been made available on the blog Two Friars and a Fool. Today, the blog features a detailed response to some criticisms of those resources which were offered by Rev. Tom Hobson. [Read more…]

Biblical Studies Carnival נז (November 2010)

Deane Galbraith (who I think should be nicknamed NZ Wrong) has posted the latest Biblical Studies Carnival at the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog. There is an incredible wealth of material there. Thanks Deane! And to all readers, I encourage you to enjoy the carnival! [Read more…]

November 2010 Biblioblog Top 50

Jeremy has not only posted the rankings for this past month, but also shared some tips on how I could have ranked higher. I’ll know better for next time… [Read more…]