LOST: Flash Sideways

LOST has one season left, and clues, set photos and interviews with the producers all point to the next season featuring characters we’ve come to know and love living in an alternate timeline, one in which the plane never crashed on the island. A major question which is as yet unanswered is whether that means [Read More…]

Willie Dye

A young-earth creationist speaker is coming to Butler’s campus this Wednesday. His name is Willie Dye. I hope that students will take the time not merely to glance at his web site but to take a close look at his CV. He lists multiple PhDs, all from unaccredited institutions. Getting your information from someone who [Read More…]

Deism: Alive and Well?

There’s an interesting article in USA Today about those who usually put down “none” when asked about their religion. Apparently most aren’t atheists, nor are they New Agers. According to the article, the majority are more akin to Deistic rationalists in the heritage of Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine. They are mostly people who would [Read More…]

Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch

Thanks to the ambiguities and double entendres of the English language, I just realized that I can affirm my adherence to “Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch”. I do indeed believe that the Pentateuch in its present form is best characterized as a mosaic, created from the work of multiple authors… Just to be clear, I [Read More…]

A Romanian Explains Democracy and Religious Liberty to American Creationists

I just have to share this video (HT Pharyngula). For those with no tolerance for even the slightest vulgarity, I warn you that it includes the expression “BS” spelled out as a phrase (in this context not “Biblical studies”). But the maker of the video, a Romanian named Cristina, seems to understand how democracy and [Read More…]

Sci-Fi Reminder

Those who have been awaiting the return of their favorite science fiction shows, and have thus not been watching much TV, may need reminders that Heroes returns on NBC tonight at 8pm, and Dollhouse returns on Fox this Friday at 9pm. [Read more…]

Prologue as Legitimation

Butler’s Digital Commons site has added a few more of my older publications, including a piece I published in Irish Biblical Studies while still a graduate student. It is entitled “Prologue as Legitimation” and pays particular attention to the significance of relating the parallel sections of the prologue when it is viewed as having a [Read More…]

Best Bible Documentaries?

Daniel O. McClellan “crashed” a Bible movie meme and then had the audacity to inflict this meme upon others. But I think it is useful to make recommendations, and so I decided what I’ll do is mention some particularly useful Bible-related documentaries that I think are worth watching and even showing to one’s classes: (1) [Read More…]

Progressive Christianity and Science

The Center for Progressive Christianity has posted several new articles and links, many of which relate in some way to the intersection of religion and science. John Shelby Spong walks in Darwin’s footsteps, Jack Good ponders mortality after receiving a terminal diagnosis, and B. Alan Wallace has posted a chapter on the “intersubjective worlds” of [Read More…]

Review Of The Lost World of Genesis One, Part Eleven

It is time to continue my blog series on John H. Walton’s book The Lost World of Genesis One. Proposition 11 is that his viewpoint advocated thus far in the book, summarized under the heading “Functional Cosmic Temple”, “offers face-value exegesis” (p.102). His focus is on the recovery of what the author intended, acknowledging that [Read More…]