We Didn’t Start The Fire: Church History in Four Minutes

This video, offering church history in 4 minutes to the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”, seemed worth sharing: HT Irenic Thoughts [Read more…]

Of Absent and Jilted Husbands in the Bible

I’ve long been struck by the total lack of polemic in Amos against Ba’al and other deities, a polemic that typifies his close contemporary Hosea, and which will be taken up by the later prophetic tradition and eventually come to characterize much other Biblical literature (in particular the Deuteronomic material). It is now becoming clear [Read More…]

The Bible: More Than A Book vs. Not Even A TV Show

I realized after writing the previous post that reference to a more familiar medium of communication might be more apt to the point I was making. TV shows in the present day almost always have more than one writer involved. Devoted fans watch shows repeatedly and discuss the coherence of the evolving narrative, apparent discrepancies [Read More…]

The Bible: Not Just A Book vs. Not Even A Book

Today in my class on the Bible we’re up to the Book of Isaiah. Academic study of Isaiah cannot avoid discussion of its apparent composite authorship. Scholarly theories about there being more than one author result from a careful reading of the text, and observation of important details such as the overlap with 2 Kings, [Read More…]

Cultural Lenses and the Bible: Mary’s Gift

Today in my Sunday school class we discussed the difficulties historians have if they try to fit together the information from Matthew and Luke about the birth and infancy of Jesus. The dates, place of origin and geographical movements seem difficult if not impossible to reconcile. In the process, we talked about our cultural assumptions [Read More…]

Labels and Keywords

I received an error message today as I was trying to post something – an alert that a blog is not allowed to have more than 2,000 labels. My first thought was “How arbitrary! How restrictive!” My second thought was “I have 2,000 labels?!?!” I probably won’t leave it up for long, but I’ve decided [Read More…]

Mysticism vs. Science in Sci-Fi

Someone drew an article to my attention that explores the mystical and fantastic in recent sci-fi, and asks whether it is overtaking the scientific component, looking at the example of the recent movie 9. I wonder if the “y” in SyFy (the new name of the Sci-Fi Channel) is from “mYsticism”… [Read more…]

Religion In The Public Schools

The National Center for Science Education sent an e-mail highlighting a useful book that can be downloaded free online, entitled Religion in the Public Schools. It provides legal advice about what it is legal and not legal to teach with respect to religion in such a setting, as well as issues related to evolution and [Read More…]

Dawkins in Indiana

I just received word about this upcoming event: Richard Dawkins will be discussing his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (Free Press, 2009), at 7:00 p.m. on October 12, at the IU Auditorium on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. Admission is free and open to the public, so [Read More…]

Accepting Darwin’s Theory Without Compromising Faith

A colleague and friend had his letter to the editor published in the Indianapolis Star. It is a response to Pulliam’s piece on evolution that I mentioned a couple of days ago. In related news, a commenter drew my attention to an online version of the book Creator and Creation by Ronald A. Simkins. And [Read More…]