LOST Rewatch: The Lie

The episode begins with the Oceanic Six discussing whether to lie about what happened to them, to protect the people they left behind. Hurley doesn’t want them to lie, but the others persuade him. Hurley tells Sayid that he’s going to remember that he didn’t back him up, and sometime in the future when he [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Because You Left

The fifth season begins wonderfully, with us witnessing Dr. Marvin Candle filming the orientation video for the Arrow station. He is interrupted because something has happened at the Orchid. As they were drilling, their drill melted. Candle talks about the energy there and time travel. Daniel Faraday is there! Three years earlier, the island moves. [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: There’s No Place Like Home

The season 4 finale is in three parts, and its title alludes to the Wizard of Oz. Part 1 begins with a flash forward, of the Oceanic Six on a Coast Guard plane, being taken to a military facility near Honolulu. Their families are there to meet them, other than Kate’s and Sayid’s. At the [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Cabin Fever

The episode begins with a flashback of Emily Locke when she was young. She is hit by a car, while pregnant, at six months. John Locke is the youngest premature baby to survive in their hospital. Some have called him a miracle baby. They will give him up for adoption. Richard Alpert is looking through [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Something Nice Back Home

In this episode, near the beginning Jack collapses after advising that everyone be patient, since Dan and Charlotte’s people will come back for them. Juliette realize it is his appendix, so she sends people to get surgical equipment from the medical station. Rose wonders why Jack is sick, since on the island people get better. [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Shape of Things to Come

This was a mind-bending episode the first time we saw it. The doctor from the fripeighter washes up dead on the beach with his throat slit. The phone rings in Locke’s house telling him code 14-J, an early warning meaning that someone from his people has been captured. And in a flash forward, Ben is [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Meet Kevin Johnson

The episode begins with Locke bringing Miles to explain the situation. Ben says that once he is apprehended, the orders of Miles’ party are to kill everyone else on the island. Ben also says that his spy on the boat is Michael. Meanwhile, on the freighter, Sayid asks Michael what he is doing there, and Michael [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Ji Yeon

Jin says he wants to name the baby Ji Yeon. Sun says it is bad luck to talk about that at this stage. In a flash forward, we see Sun call an emergency number – she says she is pregnant, and she things something is wrong. But later, we see that she manages to give [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Other Woman

The episode begins with Juliette speaking to someone named Harper Stano. She has been on the island a week, and feels like a celebrity and the focus of attention. Tom interrupts and brings her to see Ben, who shows her that she has a house, with opera CDs. Juliette says it is unnecessary since she [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Constant

This episode is one of my favorites, one of the episodes that made me, already impressed with LOST, think, wow, this is television at its finest, most emotionally powerful, most deep and symbolically rich and clever and interesting. Daniel Faraday had emphasized the importance of staying precisely on course. The helicopter which Frank is flying [Read More…]