The Bible Between Harry Potter and War and Peace

The Washington Post shared an infographic from Personal Creations (below) which compares how long it will take an average reader, at an average speed, to read various works of literature. I’d like to suggest that a simple comparison of page numbers isn’t a good guideline – or at least, if you are reading a compilation [Read More…]


A cartoon by Mike Luckovich. It seems to me absolutely inappropriate for people who have done nothing at all to try to change a status quo resulting from years of slavery, segregation, and discrimination (much less anything committed on principle to non-violent means), to criticize others when frustration with the status quo bursts forth in [Read More…]

Hacking S’mores

A former student of mine shared a photo on Facebook with the kind of life hack which deserves to be shared, not just to help others imitate it, but also because it illustrates the kind of creative mind one develops when one has a Butler education. You know how we make s’mores as a sandwich, and when [Read More…]


I wasn’t familiar with the term “sealioning” until P. Z. Myers used it on his blog recently, linking to an explanation of why it is bad. The term refers to an online debate tactic depicted in this cartoon by David Maliki, which gives the phenomenon its name: I’m in two minds about this. On the one [Read More…]

Strong’s Exhausting Creationists

Paul Braterman drew to my attention a blog post on Naturalis Historia about the influence of young-earth creationism on the Blue Letter Bible’s version of Strong’s Concordance. Look at this one in particular: The actual Strong’s Concordance suggests that the term refers to the hippopotamus. The notion that it refers to a dinosaur is something that [Read More…]

Maya Angelou Quotes

I presume that everyone has heard by now that Maya Angelou has passed away. I thought it would be fitting as a tribute to share some of her quotes that have been turned into memes here.       [Read more…]

Answers in Genesis Cartoon Fixed

Bruce Gerencser shared a cartoon from Answers in Genesis on a recent post. It clearly had the labels the wrong way around, and so I fixed them: If anything reflects the activity of the eternal Word of God, it is the natural world, which no human being created or could create. And if there is [Read More…]

What Ken Ham Didn’t Say #hamonnye

Lots of people are discussing what Ken Ham said in the debate. But I want to highlight what Ken Ham didn’t say. He didn’t say some of the things that you most regularly hear from young-earth creationists, such as “If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” I am pretty sure he knew that [Read More…]

Square Peg, Round Hole

My pastor mentioned in his sermon this past Sunday that you can in fact put a square peg in a round hole. It just does a lot of damage, to both the peg and the hole. There’s a lesson in that. [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014! For those who don’t follow the Gregorian Calendar, I wish you a happy day, and a happy new year whenever yours begins… [Read more…]