This call for papers for the AAR annual meeting in November is worth sharing here, falling as it does at the intersection of religion and science fiction: Transposition of Religious and Theological Concepts Through Worldbuilding I am working to organize a panel proposal for this year’s American Academy of Religion conference for the Religion and Science Fiction Unit. In particular, I am looking for fellow panelists interested in presenting papers on the topic “Transposition of Religious and Theological Concepts Through Worldbuilding.”… Read more

I recently shared a poster for one of our calls for papers. Time for another: You can also find the text of the call for papers on both the SBL (Digital Humanities) and AAR (Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity) web pages. Online Resources and Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity This joint session with the AAR section Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity will include both a selection of invited papers and proposals. We are accepting papers that explore online resources relating… Read more

I recently spoke with Jim Lebans of the Canadian Broadcasting Company about religion and the singularity. Here is the program they put together: It is fascinating to hear the result, as they brought together not only my own conversation but that of other academics into a fascinating combination. On their website they add: Superintelligent machines as prophets or gurus Another way to imagine our relationship with the superintelligent machines is to think about the gods of mythology. As Theologian James McGrath points out,… Read more

Workshop: Linked Data and Syriac Sources Amsterdam, 12–13 March 2018   With the generous support of the Van Moorsel en Rijnierse Foundation, the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC) will organize a workshop on Linked Data and Syriac Sources, related to its CLARIAH Research Pilot Project LinkSyr: Linking Syriac Data. In the Digital Age, more and more sources of information are becoming available online, including annotated text databases, encyclopedic resources and geographical tools. Linked Data is the method to… Read more

Someone said to me recently that they are not sure that we are happier with our new technology than we were decades ago playing in the dirt. It struck me that when I was playing in the dirt as a child, I was often imagining that I had technology like what we now have. This led me to think a little more about the state of our current lives and how technology, play, and childhood – among other things -… Read more

The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery has so much about it that is fantastic, from its earliest moments to its final seconds. Much of the story focuses on the presence of the emperor of the Terran Empire in the mirror universe, who is having trouble adjusting, as she refers to how recently she and Michael dined on the entrails of Saru’s brethren, but now she defers to one. But the heart of the matter will persistently be whether those… Read more

The digital poster above is seeking to promote the call for papers for the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting that will be held in Denver, Colorado in November.  Here is the complete text of the call for this one particular session that is being organized by the Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity program unit, of which I am one of the chairs: “Hatin’ on Jesus” in the East We welcome paper proposals that explore how non-Christian religious communities in… Read more

I thought for sure that I had blogged at some point about Bob MacDonald’s book The Song in the Night, but apparently not, and I am now rather embarrassed by that fact. His work has made an important contribution to my course on the Bible and music in general, and my understanding of the Psalms and the music behind and in the Bible in particular. What Bob did in the book (and continues to do on his blog) is to utilize… Read more

From an article by Wayne Stauffer in Inside Higher Ed: As long as students put off doing writing assignments until almost too late, do not study the course material as well as they should, have low confidence in their academic abilities, settle for doing less than their best in their schoolwork and just don’t feel like putting out the effort and instead grub for grades, there will be plagiarism. In other words, we professors cannot eliminate it entirely, no matter… Read more

This album is one that I owned on record years ago, and when I ceased to continue to maintain a phonograph and a record collection, I ceased to be able to listen to its music any longer. Several of the pieces on the album are haunting and deeply moving. Read more

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