The Church Awakens

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Young-Earth Creationists Attempt to Hijack Advent

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Christmas Drawing Near

I wrote the music for this song a few years ago, but didn’t compose lyrics until very recently. I hope you enjoy this pre-Christmas music! LYRICS: Angels sing as church bells ring And all seem of good cheer It’s the sound of Christmas drawing near Snow may fall as sleigh bells call We wonder as [Read More…]

O Come Emmanuel

Here’s “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” arranged for cello and piano and performed by The Piano Guys:   [Read more…]

Episcopal Advent Calendar

For all my Episcopal friends, via Episcopal Church Memes on Facebook.   [Read more…]

Welcome to Advent!

This marks the start of the season when a small remnant of liturgically-minded Christians (including some of us American Baptists!) mark the countdown to Christmas – and a comparable number of Doctor Who fans count down the days to the Christmas special. Either way, the symbolism relates to the arrival of something or someone long [Read More…]

Worst Nativity – Great for Advent

Via a Facebook friend, I learned of a collection of the 42 worst nativity sets (although the last one I actually kind of like). But this kitchen time Nativity is full of Advent symbolism, since you can use it to count down. And since Advent starts tomorrow, I thought I’d share it: [Read more…]

The Reason for the Season (A Scientific Perspective)

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